home security technology based on artificial intelligence is able to provide sophisticated notifications for voters.

The condition of the house should always be known wherever the owner is. Artificial intelligence home security technology is able to provide sophisticated notifications for voters.

For working families, whose time is spent outside the home, monitoring the safety of the home and loved ones in it is extremely important. When working, they often worry about the condition of the house and the safety of their children, such as when together with a household assistant.

To find out the condition of the house, currently available indoor camera with the latest technology that is easy to install at an affordable price. “So far, people have the perception of expensive security cameras with complicated installations,” said Yi Technology Marketing Manager Country Miji Sarwono in Jakarta.

The Chinese company Yi has two new home security cameras, the Yi Dome Camera X combined with a 16 GB SD card for 749,000, and YI Home Camera 3 combined with a 16 GB SD card for 529,000 rupiah.

Both Yi Dome Camera X and Yi Home Camera 3 not only detect the condition of the house by displaying pictures of the condition of the house that can be accessed remotely.

With the technology base of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence / AI) smart human detection in the form of a voice detection algorithm, both can detect the existence of security risks for the house and its inhabitants.

The cameras on the Yi Dome Camera X and Yi Home Camera 3 products can detect the sound or cry of babies, the sound of broken glass, the sound of pets, and other suspicious sounds. The camera will send Smart Alerts notifications in the form of sound to the user’s cellphone, via the Yi Home application.

“With this application users can see the actual conditions that occur at home through the display image,” he said.

This device also has a Time-Lapse feature that allows a recording of 6 hours to be compressed into a clip in a short time of about 5 to 30 seconds. With additional speakers users can interact with people at home, to ensure that nothing happens.

The resulting image of Yi Dome Camera X and Yi Home Camera 3 is quite sharp with a 1080P or Full HD resolution camera. YI Dome Camera X can even be controlled remotely with a Wi-Fi signal, with the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees.

Auto pilot system on this camera can detect without the need to set it manually.

The resulting video will be stored automatically in Yi Cloud for 7 days, for a lifetime after purchase.

“For every purchase of Yi cameras, consumers will get an official one-year guarantee. This also becomes a challenge for providers to provide networks to all corners of the region, “said Vice President of PT Harapan Karunia Makmur, Stephanie Hakim.

For consumers who want to use both cameras but do not have Wi-Fi signals in fixed broadband operators, both cameras can use mobile WiFi from a modem or a cell phone from a cellular network provider.

Meanwhile, TP Link has a cloud computing-based camera product called Cloud Camera NC450. With cloud technology this camera can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, as long as it is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

The camera that can be operated remotely with the help of this smart phone has many advantages, namely a viewing angle of up to 360 degrees so that monitoring can be maximized, the clarity of 720p HD images and video, and night vision features that enable users to monitor in dark conditions.

In the dark, the NC450 is equipped with infrared sensors so that it can help users see the situation clearly. Moreover, this camera will automatically be able to switch from Normal View mode to Night Vision view and vice versa.

In addition to infrared sensors, this camera is equipped with motion and sound sensors to be able to follow the movements of people and also the sound sensor. “When the camera captures a particular movement or sound, a notification will immediately be sent to our email,” said Product Development and Marketing Head of TP-Link Indonesia, Daniel Thian.

TP-Link Camera NC450 has been integrated with micro SD storage up to 32GB. In fact, the dual camera at a price of 1.2 million rupiah can be used for two-way communication, because it has 2-way streaming audio technology.

Another advantage of the NC450 is its ability to be controlled remotely. Through the Kasa application available on Android and iOS, users can move the NC450 camera vertically (tilt) and horizontally (pan).

Users can also enlarge the view by zooming in because the NC450 already has a zoom capability of up to 10x. In addition there are speakers, so users can make sound to mengusi if there are people who are not known.

With the equipment provided, installation of the NC450 TP-Link camera device is very easy.

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