Smartband is one of the devices wearable who entered in industrial technology of Indonesia away before wearable has a market of its own with a choice of products that varied . Smartband is a wearable device whose main function is as a health and fitness monitoring tool for its users .

Although it has a shape that is almost the same with the smartwatch, the device wearable have had differences are quite significant . Differences are made smartband and smartwatch certainly have a market that is different as well. Smartband and smartwatch has a function basis are similar . Only just , smartband has a design more simple because it functions more like a bracelet . With the increasing number of smartband variants , are you interested in using it ? Then , if you know what the only function of a smartband ?

1. Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker certainly synonymous with smartband , so was the opposite . Fitness tracker means the tool tracking activity if the sport, where you can use smartband to three terms of primary : counting the number of steps away, calculate the distance that reached by walking foot or running , and calculate the number of calories are burned .

In addition to the three functions in the above , there are several functions extra more that can be done by smartband -type specific , such as calculating the rate of heart , measure quality and record hours of sleep daily , as well as measuring the temperature of the skin . All of these functions can be done thanks to a sensor that is on each smartband .

2. Supporting Style

The function of the base bracelet conventional , both for men and women was the other is to support the appearance . Most people feel more trust themselves with bracelets that displayed on the wrist hands .

So even with a smartband . At the top of the paper , smartband has the shape and the design is more attractive than the bracelet usual . Plus again , some smartband latest like Acer Liquid Leap or Lenovo Vibe VB10 has been equipped with a screen that will increasingly look cool when lighted .

3. Notification viewer

Not all smartband support this function . However, most large has been able to show notifications of messages and telephone are entered into a smartphone. How that is to connect smartphones and smartband use the connection Bluetooth.

Of course , you are only able to read messages that get in , but is not able to reply to a message such . But at the very least , this function is very useful in certain situations , for example when you are driving , taking a shower, or in places where you can not take out a smartphone.

But of course course , people who are already using smartband was still doing a mistake when wearing them . Here is a mistake that should be avoided when taking smartband :

  1. Not Filling Personal Information

When you start using a smartband or fitness tracker, you will be asked to create a personal account . Data are personal such as age , height weight, heavy weight, the type of sex should be included . The data are then synchronized with the smartphone it should be filled with complete . Its function is as a comparison in order to more accurately predict the distance that distance , calories are burned and number of steps that have been taken .

  • Not Deriving Hand Which Wearing

There smartband that asks users record the hand which uses the tools it . Do not ignore the case of this . Detail on hand which will use smartband the effect on the sensitivity of the sensor . Suppose you use it in a dominant hand , the sensitivity will be reduced . This is to compensate for the dominant hand that tends to move more often .

  • Set Targets Not Realistic

Generally smartband or fitness tracker that just turned on will set the target of 10,000 steps per day . This target is not realistic when applied to everyone . These targets should be adjusted to your level of activity .  If you’re just starting out , it’s a good idea to set a target of 5,000 or 6,000 steps a day . After the target is reached , increase little by little .

  • Forget Deadly Sleep Mode

One of the things that is interesting from smartband is its ability to record the sleep users . But this mode usually must be activated by pressing certain command buttons . Mode this should not be activated when you are still active since going to make a record of patterns of sleep becomes chaotic . Activate Sleep Mode only when you are ready to sleep so that the data recorded is more valid.

  • Not Performing Calibration

Some smartband are equipped with a calibration feature . For example Jawbone or Fitbit. Both vendors are complementary products with process calibration as an option extra . Its function is to reset the reading process on the smartband sensor . Perform calibration is when the distance traveled are listed smartband you feel is not accurate .

Now there a lot of brands smartband are marketed in Indonesia of the price that ‘s up to the quite expensive, following several recommendations smartband :

1. Samsung Galaxy Fit E

Prices start at Rp.540 thousand

Galaxy Fit E is the latest smartband from Samsung which has a modern feature . Screen Fit E has a spacious 0.74 inches with connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 are stable . This device is capable of counting steps , heart rate , up to the length of sleep that is done automatically . The battery is claimed Samsung can last up to one week of normal use . Product is available in a choice of colors of black , white , and yellow.

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Prices start at Rp.380 thousand

Mi Band 4 is a series of the most smartband of Xiaomi replace the Mi Band 3. The screen is quite large , 0.95 -inch with a power hold water up to pressure of 5 ATM. Xiaomi pinned several sensors in it such as accelerometer , gyroscope , heart rate meter , and activity monitor . The battery is 135 mAh which can last up to 20 days .

3. 4Connect 4Fit

Prices start from Rp.198 thousand

In accordance with its name , smartband this will help you control the style of living . The products have had the technology to monitor the pulse of the heart and the pressure of blood with inaccurate . When you use for exercise , 4Connect 4Fit also able to record the number of calories are burned and distance traveled ran . The battery is quite strong , capacity of 80mAh and can be used three to four consecutive days .

4. Garmin Vivosmart HR

Prices start at Rp. 1.3 million

Bracelet smart are designed with screen LCD touchscreen measuring 1.1 this has a variety of features appealing . Some in them is barometric, altimeter, accelerometer and heart rate monitor. All feature is making it as a friend ideal you when exercising . You can also connect it to your cellphone , either Android or smartphone, to enjoy other features .

5. Cognos Smartband F1

Prices start at Rp.88 thousand

Bracelet smart made by Cognos is very ideal for those whose activities relate to water, because the bracelets have been certified IP67 water resistant. Cognos F1 can be used to dive even if limited only around one meter only . Not only that , smartband is already equipped with anti-lost function which will give a warning when the distance connection work is in the outside range .

6. Iwown i6 HR

Prices start at Rp.289 thousand

I6 HR is a bracelet smart made by the manufacturer of China, iWown which has the power lasting battery strong until a week lighted . This smartband has also been certified waterproof IP67. By design , the display screen touch OLED- her so sharp and there is a notification features are complete . You can also connect it to a smartphone to record data that has been recorded on this smart bracelet .

7. Lenovo G10

Prices start at Rp.240 thousand

Besides Sony, Lenovo also does not want to stay silent in the smartband market . Lenovo released a series of G10 is Gelan clever waterproof and has a power lasting battery long, about a week , thanks to the battery ploymer lithium. The G10 is able to measure your heart rate and track your activities . If connected to the phone pintarmu , bracelet is capable of showing a notification message or calls were received by phone .

8. Smartband X9 Pro

Prices start at Rp.309 thousand

X9 has a screen color OLED measuring almost 1 inch which is powered by batteries lithium 105 mAh with a capacity of memory internal 64Mb and 512Mb RAM. Specifications This makes the bracelet is suitable if it is connected to the phone connection on 4G. X9 Pro is able to process with fast data received from the mobile phone and vice versa . Do not forget , this bracelet has been certified waterproof IP67.

9. Lemfo S1

Prices start at Rp.349 thousand

Lemfo S1 is a smart bracelet that has a GPS feature in it . So you can find out the location yourself when activity . Thanks to the features mentioned , the bracelet is suitable to use them are fond of sport cycling distance away . You can see these maps are accurate through the connection real time maps. Product is compatible with the phone system Android 4.3 to the top iOS 7.0 to above .

10. Intex Fitrist Pulzz Smartband

Prices start at Rp. 130 thousand Smartband which is good not only serves as a fitness tracker alone , but must be able to provide the features esktra that can make your activity more enjoyable . Intex Fitrist Pulzz including any one that meets the criteria mentioned . Products made by Intex This can be used fatherly control the music that is playing . Besides that it can be used as a remote shutter when taking photos .

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