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Everyday technologi will grow to be better for last years. Like a car now we do not need  driver to ride our car. We just sit in the chair of the car and enjoying the music. Now, car can be drived by a smartphone. Our smartphone will be connected with  our car will be use. The principle of this smart car is to use aplication in our smartphone.

The pioneer of smart car is uber online taxi provider. There are located at Pittsburgh, US, Uber was use Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) for some their fleet uber. Uber use Volvo XC90 for their fleet. For the exam in the first they use driver to save if the aplication do not connect to the car.

After the smart car famous many company competing to make aplication who have connect with a car. There are many new company who develop modern technologi smart car without the driver. But until now the smart car can not detecting the road of bad road.

Many company built colaboration with otomotif company in US to make smart car will surely became general transportation in US. We can see if many company colaboration, they can make the smart car will more divelop. The company who divelop in otomotif are Toyota, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW, Daimler. There are build cooperation with Nvidia. Whereas Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi cooperation with Mobileye.  AVs make many controvertion in the word. The Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) trouble and there are make a secrifice in the road.  Although in the first famous or popularity , smart car also have many minus form the spell. AVs have a minus to detected pepople in the road who has walking in the behind of road. The accident can make people dead in the road if the smart car connected failed or loose. Many people  afraid to use smart car in the national road because the condition of road in the city are very bussy.

Like a revolition technology every process can make a insident in the beginning from the product technology. Like a plane, train, and other transportacion certainly have a weakness. Cause number of incident are high, more people can not be belive with the Authomous Vehicles (AVs). But over time safety level for smart car more increasing and the number of incident are decreased. So for going forward people can not be afraid again about incident the smart car that hit a pedestrian.

Many company predict if in 2020 in the road will full the smart car and the smart car will be on sale easily. The company predict will be more than 10 billion smart car will full in the New York City and many other city in AS. Now in 2019 General Motors has attention they will start to producting transportation who do not have traditional feature like a steering wheel, gas pedal, etc. But this idea must be supported for all institution like police who controll about constitutional in a national country, company who controll about technology transportation, company who controll about application or programing for ride a car without driver, and all people in a country. There are must be support the good idea like a smart car to make her country more advanced than other country.

So how about Indonesia? Can Indonesia doing about the same idea to make a smart car? If we tell about Indonesia, there are many people who have good potention. They can to make a car although not smart car. The name of indonesian car are ESEMKA car. The car was made by a group in one of SMK like a senior high school in Solo (one of city in central java). ESEMKA car introduced by Mr Joko Widodo that usually called Mr Jokowi the president of Indonesia that at the time her still a Solo governor. Although the ESEMKA car not smart car or just ordinary car, but it is a very good technologi progress especially in the field of human resource advancement for developing country like indonesia. The step for build progress to indonesian good quality at technologi are by improve its human resources. In period of Mr Jokowi as president her will focus in national infrastructure development and development of competitive human resources.

To facing technology advances with other counties that are increasingly developed, indonesi must build a cooperation with developed countries that dominate advanced technologi like AS, Jerman, Rusia, Jepang, China, etc. People in indonesia wish to the to the goverment in  Mr Jokowi’s leading can make high qualities infrastructure especially in developing road infrastructure. Although  another country already very develop, Indonesia slowly can move better than before. In the next time, indonesia will develop human resource which have technology better. To make a human resource like that Mr Jokowi have to plan such as technology based job training.  The training addressed for fresh graduated from senior high school in every city in this country.

In the goverment of MrJokowi also built companies for the member of training technology based. They can get certificate from Mr Jokowi as their speciality to continue their skill when them get when join the training job based technology. So when people that join the training job get a really company or get new job they can use their skill with maximal.

People in indonesia also hope to in the goverment of MrJokowi can make indonesia become the country can join competition in global market that now to activity sall and buy use a smartphone. The activity are called online shop. So to next time that indonesia need are high human resource. The meaning of human resource that indonesia need are they that can operating modern technologi and they that can built a program to operate a equipment or a mecine. People in indonesia was start to be human modern. They was make aplication like ojek online and grab to go to a location.

To make indonesia very develop in technologi are difficult but if people in indonesia can to make this really available. Minimal indonesia can built the good road infrastructure.

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