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            Smart technology is always interesting to talk about because its development has always succeeded in making anyone fascinated. Examples such as the telephone which was only used as a tool to communicate, now it can be used more than just communicating. This also happened to the car. Smart car or smart car is now equipped with many advanced technologies that will surely make you shake your head. What is the smart technology being developed for smart cars like?

  1. Can Speak

            This feature is available on smart cars or smart cars issued by Google where the smart car can communicate with pedestrians in the vicinity. This smart technology is even designed to feel the presence of other people around them so they can take the next right step. For example, by giving a warning to pedestrians from speakers outside the car. There is also an emergency brake feature that will make the car stop suddenly if something happens that exceeds the limit. The aim is to avoid accidents, especially with pedestrians.

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  • Self-Driving Car

            Smart car is now also equipped with smart technology in the form of self driving features or a car that can drive itself and this is a technology that is definitely desired and awaited by many people. There are several automotive companies and technology companies that are always competing to develop the smart car technology. This feature will help the features of a car become more sophisticated, safer and also certainly more modern with a myriad of advanced technology in

  • Traffic Light Information

            Smart cars are usually equipped with information and identification features of traffic signs and traffic situations that can provide accurate information about traffic. This means, smart cars will collect a lot of data about road situations and then this data will be used as a reference in its function as a navigator. If the driver may lose concentration, the smart technology in the form of traffic light information will give a warning or can stop suddenly if the car is right in the traffic line.

  • Obtaining and Locating Parking Locations Automatically

            This smart technology was developed by a German technology company, Bosch. They make an intelligence infrastructure that will be embedded in a parking location or parking lot and also placed in the vehicle control unit in a car. The technology was created to realize the existence of a parking system automatically. This system uses a community base. Also equipped with an ultrasound sensor that is implanted in the vehicle control unit where this sensor will communicate with the existing system in the parking lot. Then, smart technology will allow the car to detect locations where empty parking lots are available. The existing system used will then measure with certainty the available distance sufficient to park the car. This technology will certainly be very helpful especially for those who are just starting to learn to drive a car or for those who are not proficient in parking cars.

            Smart technology placed on a smart car or also known as a smart car is indeed very helpful and can provide more comfort and safety; not only for drivers and passengers of the car, but also for other people around the car or other road users. It is hoped that technology like this can continue to develop and bring innovation that is getting better in the future.

Finding a parking space is often complicated. What if the car can find its own parking space? This is not imaginary, technology makes it possible.

            The German technology company Bosch, created an intelligence infrastructure embedded in the parking lot and vehicle control unit of a car to realize a community-based automatic parking system. “Roadside parking locations are in great demand, especially in residential areas. With a community-based parking system, Bosch takes over the process of finding a parking area, thereby reducing the burden on drivers,” said Dr. Werner Struth, Member of the Board of Management, Robert Bosch GmbH at the conference press attended by detikINET at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Thursday (1/5/2017)

            This automated parking system is one of Bosch’s solutions in building smart cities, by improving the quality of life, energy efficiency and security. At the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Bosch presented solutions in the fields of mobility, energy and building technology, security, and digital city government. Regarding mobility, the technology featured includes an environmental monitoring system and connected parking technology, as well as fleet management, electronic mobility (e-mobility), and intermodal transportation solutions.

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