Instagram users can now interact more expressively through Direct Message (DM). This is thanks to GIF support, where users can exchange moving images both personally and in groups. This update make instagram more attractive and more fun. After path announce his fall another one become innovative, especially Instagram.

This GIF integration is supplied by Giphy services, similar to those listed on WhatsApp and Twitter. The way to pin it is easy with neat categorization. As we knows Giphy is large GIF provider. In this session they expansion services to Instagram like predecessor in Whatsapp and Twitter.

Users just need to go to the DM feature, then select a friend or group to share with GIF. There is a new GIF button available in the writing column (composer bar). Easy right. This is innovative things and help common user to know this feature.

Press the GIF button, then enter the keyword to find the right moving image. If confused, just enter the word “random” and Giphy will give you a surprise GIF option.

Like GIF search on other social networking platforms, you can scroll endlessly to the right until you find the right visual to share with friends or groups.

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“From” LOL “to” I love you “, you can express yourself in a visual way without limits when interacting with friends,” stated on the official website of Instagram Press.

The GIF feature in DM has been available in stages per day for Android and iOS users. Make sure your Instagram application has been updated to the latest version.

If you do not yet get this feature, maybe you will get to the next few days. It is not clear whether the GIF feature is exclusive in DM or later released to exchange comments on Instagram’s timeline. Let’s wait.

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