Later, the development of human technology what the first fiction in glass screen now slowly begin to be realized, the technology that could happen is the artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI). As the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to perform tasks commonly associated with human task more and more diverse data is processed, making the computer will be able to mimic human actions. AI is now widely used for a variety of sectors, ranging from used as the power to shape games Dota players who can beat a professional player, to be used on a chatbot that can interact with humans in a more natural, AI is not only used on an experimental project but also the world automotive which uses AI to create activities to be safe and enjoyable driving. One example of the use of AI for the automotive world can be seen through a car without a driver, which is equipped high-resolution camera, various sensors, used to collect data as part of big data and then processed by a computer embedded in the car to determine each step driving car swakemudi.

The engine’s ability to learn has proved increasingly improved, the application of artificial intelligence are increasingly widespread and growing in many sectors, ranging from information technology, health, finance, agriculture, marketing, and do not miss the automotive industry. Artificial intelligence is touted to be the latest innovation in the development of digital technology, as now, the use of machine learning concepts make AI products are increasingly able to take decisions based on the cases. The relationship between human and artificial intelligence that makes the creation of a number of breakthroughs, namely in the automotive industry where robotic technology seemed to have rethought the human intervention in the drive without having to bother the vehicle owner can sit back to be able to get somewhere without anyone drive.

Projects such as the Google’s Self Driving Car is an ambitious attempt by Google-sponsored team of engineers to create artificial intelligence software that is powerful enough to allow a car without a driver to drive on the streets. Most importantly made software engineers were created not only to navigate the car so it does not hit roadblock or into the ditch, but its main purpose is to create a car that can drive on the road with other drivers, responded just as a driver to respond and make decisions like a human. While the car without a driver may seem like inspired from the movie, they are much more likely to be realized than think. Nevada, California, and Florida all have passed laws that allow driverless cars this year. One of the great advantages of a car without a driver is that they will comply with the maximum limit speed, keep a safe distance with other vehicles, by utilizing the AI ​​cars in the future will be interconnected. Even Gartner predicts that in 2020 there will be 250 million cars that are connected to each other. Antarmobil connection can bring new benefits. For example, if there is damage, the car was then sends the data center diagnosanya.Sistem then analyze the damage and immediately transfer the data analysis into all cars are connected so that similar damage was experienced by other automakers, data such as road conditions and traffic can also take advantage of shared car system connected to each other in order to create an efficient drive system.

self-driving caris a moving vehicle automatically without human role in it. This car combines multiple sensors to understand the environment, such as radar, GPS, sonar until inertial measurement unit. In addition, this car has a sophisticated control system to interpret sensory information to identify the appropriate navigation paths. Speaking of history, it seems the idea to make a car that can move automatically have thought a century ago! Experiments on automated driving systems (ADS) has occurred since 1920, and the various trials carried out in 1950. However, the car is completely automated first developed in 1977 by Japan’s Tsukuba Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. This car can track the lane markings with the help of two cameras mounted on a vehicle and using an analog computer for signal processing. This car reaches a speed of 30 km per hour, a record that is pretty fantastic in that era.

According to consulting firm McKinsey & Company claims that the widespread use of autonomous vehicles can reduce 90 percent of all car accidents in the United States. It also prevents up to US $ 190 billion in damage and health costs each year, as well as save thousands of lives. Moreover, road safety experts assess that traffic accidents are generally caused by human negligence as a delayed reaction to braking, distracted and drive exceeds the speed limit. Although claimed to be safe, it can also be self-driving car accident. As self-driving car from Arizona Uber killing women who were walking on March 19, 2018, in accordance with the pages of The Guardian.

Self-driving car technology is not yet available in Indonesia. However, in the United States, there are some self-driving car rental services that you can try. This service is like a taxi, but the difference with no driver in it. Some companies that have this service is Uber and Lyft Waymo. For Waymo, this service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be booked through the application Waymo One, bright pages Extreme Tech. Properly taxi online, we can see the estimated price and the route to be taken. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas are Lyft that we can try. The amount of the existing fleet in Las Vegas are 30 cars, light page Engad.

In fact, vehicle automation can improve fuel economy by optimizing car drive system. In fact, the widespread use of automated cars will generate fuel efficiency is higher, said pages of Scientific American. Further, according to a report from the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, self-driving car can reduce oil consumption by 2-4 percent and greenhouse gas emissions up to 10 years into the future. In addition, this car can accelerate and more efficient braking to save fuel and reduce wasted energy. However, because its use has not been massive, the positive effect of the self-driving car has not really felt. Not all went smoothly as expected. In fact, self-driving car also face many obstacles. Artificial intelligence technology still can not function properly in the center of a chaotic and jammed. In addition, extreme weather such as snow feared could damage sensing and car navigation systems.

Not only technical constraints, there is also a social impediment. Such a government does not have specific regulations related to self-driving car and less labor, but high needs. This is because the amount of talent is not enough high demand. It is feared that too, with the car number automatic boom, effect on job losses in the transportation industry sector. Neighboring Singapore, had been one step ahead. This country has a fleet nuTonomy, the company’s first self-driving car that was approved by the Singapore government for testing autonomous cars on public roads, according to Campus Eye page, the student’s online newspaper National University of Singapore (NUS). The service was tested in 2016 and commercial operations in 2018 ago.

Meanwhile, in August 2018, the Association of Indonesian Automotive Manufacturers (Gaikindo) had organized an exhibition about innovation in the automotive sector. This exhibition provides an opportunity for the technology of automated vehicles (AV) to develop. Even so, the streets of Jakarta are dense and jammed felt not quite ready to accept this technology, according to CIO page.

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