Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


Hi guys welcome back with me. I will review the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. This smartwatch has functions similar to smartphones, ranging from sending and receiving messages, as well as communicating by phone.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in two variants, which are 40 mm and 44 mm in size. The difference between the two is on the screen size, but both are using a Circular Super Amoled 360×360 pixel screen coated with Corning Gorilla Glass DX Plus.
Here are some features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

  1. Waterproof
    Galaxy Watch Active2 can change the look of the smartwatch through the Watch Faces according to what you want. You Simply by taking pictures of the outfit motif, this watch will intelligently adjust its appearance. This smartwatch is very stylish, there are several colors that you can adjust to the fashion you use, some are made of leather and there is also a casual strap. You can also choose stainless steel or aluminum.
    Galaxy Watch Active2 water resistant You can wear this smart watch in water for 30 minutes by going into 5ATM. However, it cannot be used in sea water
  2. Have RAM and memory
    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has 768 MB RAM capacity and 4 GB internal memory. This smartwatch can be connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth. With the terms of Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0 smartphones then you also have to download the Galaxy Weareble application
  3. Control the camera in your smartphone
    When your smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, automatically the camera features on smartphones can be seen through Galaxy Watch Active2. So users can take pictures remotely with a smartphone placed on a tripod, just click through the smartwatch the user can take pictures.
    In addition to being able to manage picture and video capture, users can also monitor image results directly through a smartwatch.
  4. Translator
    Galaxy Watch Active2 can be a translator with 15 languages. When users visit several countries, the smartwatch can be a translator tool.
  5. Sports companion
    Like most smartwatches, Galaxy Watch Active2 is equipped with features for sports. Users can be accompanied to do sports such as running, swimming, cycling and various other sports that are quite diverse.
    In addition to sports activities, users will also get daily health achievements. Users can monitor how long they ride or walk, count heart rates, the number of calories burned and the average speed traveled along the journey.
  6. Chatting and Calling
    Galaxy Watch Active2 connected to a smartphone does not only receive incoming message notifications or incoming calls. Not only that, through the smartwatch users can reply to messages by directly typing messages, either WhatsApp or SMS. If you want to call the user directly select the Phone feature and select the contact you want to contact.
  7. Enjoy music & YouTube
    Users can watch YouTube video content. The way to do this is by having internet features, you can directly visit the YouTube page and choose the content you want to watch. Although it is quite small in size, users no longer need to open a smartphone to watch vedeo.
    Not just video, Samsung also works with the Spotify music platform. Users can also use a Bluetooth headset to listen.
  8. price
    In terms of price the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 with a size of 40 mm is priced at Rp 4.199 million, while for a size of 44 mm priced at Rp 5.499 million. Galaxy Watch Active2 goes on sale from 14-27 October 2019, with attractive offers with a free strap for Rp. 399 thousand through


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