Samsung has introduced a new powerful mobile phone, Galaxy Note10 and Note10+. A well packed up mobile experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen, all in one device. Let’s see what kind of new experience we can get from this amazing device.


First, let’s take a look at the beautiful design it has to offer. Samsung has 2 types of this device, Note10 and Note10+, thus it has 2 different design to start with. You can chose which one you want according to your need. Note10 has 6.3” infinity-o display, 401 ppi and the weight is 168g, while Note10+ is 6.8”, 498 ppi and 196g., with both has 7.9mm width. While most of the phone out there have a plain color of black, blue or white, this new Galaxy Note offer you more futuristic and shimmering color. The case made of durable Gorilla Glass 6, the polished glass material create the color of aura glow, aura black and ura white.

The security is on the next level. It has Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner within the screen. It pulses to detect the 3D ridges and valleys of your fingerprint for invisible security. The front camera is designed perfectly tiny so it doesn’t interrupt your screen. The display lessens eyestrain and sleep disturbance by reducing harmful blue light at the pixel level, without compromising color.


The performance this device has is as powerful as the design. With 25W harness and fast wireless charging 2.0, it can fill 4300mAh with just 30 minute and your phone can last all day. Not only that, this new device has wireless PowerShare to give the power to charge other devices. Without cable you can easily reverse charging your friend’s phone, your Galaxy Buds, or Qi-compatible devices in the back of your phone.

You can have a hard drive in your palm with 512GB internal storage and up to 1TB with a microSD card, you can put all of your music, photography and movies so you can access them everywhere anytime. Don’t forget to take the advantage of it’s dual SIM capability.

With that kind of internal storage, of course a compatible memory is a must to this phone. They have a 12GB and 8GB RAM for stream, gaming or download at the same time with unbelievable speed! It is perfect for gaming with slim, newly designed vapor chamber cooling system, improved AI, and enhanced NPU. While perfect for gaming, this device also takes stream and download speed to another levels with Wi-Fi 6 and LTE up to 2.0Gbps for less buffering.

Gaming is not that great without a compatible sound. Galaxy Note taking the sound to next level, making you feel the whole new experience with their speaker and Type-C earphones. And with their IP68 rating, this devices along with their S Pen are not afraid of water due to their water and dust resistance.

Samsung Knox delivers defense-grade security to protects all your private data from malware and malicious attacks with layered Knox security platform. Not only protect your data, it also  protect your device by using Face Recognition and Ultrasonic Fingerprint to add to the classic PIN, pattern or password.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Bixby, your always-ready, intelligence assistant. Just say anything and Bixby will responds to your voice. You can also translate a whole foreign language sentences using your camera via upgraded Bixby Vision.


A phone will not perfect without camera. DepthVision camera on Galaxy Note10+ and multicamera on Galaxy Note10 will turns every photos and videos into epic moments and giving you the power to go from shoot to edit instantly. You can beautifully edit your videos with special effects to make it as epic as photography. Don’t forget to use Zoom-In Mic along with video taking to control the sound around you.

The camera is so great that it can predicts movement by pulling from a library of over a million frames, reducing vibrations in your video, making it smooth and natural. The HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping shoot incredible color and detail in 4K UHD. You can directly share your videos after make edits to multiple videos, insert transitions or subtitles, change the speed, and even add illustrations with S Pen.

Not a professional with photography? Don’t worry because you can easily get a pro-level shots with 123 degree field of vision with the 16MP Ultra Wide Camera. Crop in with the 12MP Wide-angle Camera, or get closer with the 2x optical zoom on the 12MP Telephoto Camera. The front camera is as good as the backs, the 10MP front camera now on the middle of the screen that will turns your selfies into self-portraits.

Your camera can be a measuring device using the DepthVision and AR intelligence. This device even have 3D scanner app that let you take a 360 degree snap of an object and turns it into animated GIF.

S Pen

Start from the design, this pen is eye-catching, with an elegant, unibody design, it follows your movements, and writes, draws and controls longer. It can last to 10 hours of battery standby time. With Bluetooth in it, now you can navigate a presentation, play and pause videos, or snap a photo with just a click on your S Pen.

You can take full control of your device with S Pen in your hand. You can change your camera angle and capture the scene by moving S Pen clockwise or counterclockwise. While on the Gallery, you can move to the next photo, or go back to the previous one by flicking the S Pen to the left or right. While turns up or lower the sound by gesturing up or down the S Pen.

You can turn your handwriting to text instantly, so you can copy, paste and share it. While at it you can adjust your S Pen setting like ink color and thickness. You can draw in 3D with AR Doodle and your S Pen so you can make your videos became more interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Note came with many interesting accessories such as Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Buds, varieties covers, Travel Adapter. Wireless Charger Stand, Wireless Charger Duo Pad, and Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter.

If you have this mini computer in your hands, you can work, gaming and surfing with super power speed without disruption anywhere and anytime. So don’t hesitate and grab one of this Samsung Galaxy Note fast!


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