Samsung Galaxy Fold Go Public on September 27th, Will It Survive ?


Six months ago, Samsung released a breakthrough smartphone no one has ever seen before. A smartphone that could converted into a tablet. Years ago, convertible devices was limited to only a concept in a tech conference. Now we are one step closer to see it on stores showcase. Of course, innovation comes with risk and flaws. Back when Galaxy Fold first introduced to the public, Samsung lend hundreds of their Galaxy Fold to some of the most famous tech reviewer, in order to review their “pretty but fragile” device. And yes, as you can expect, a lot of troubles coming up from the device. The device happens to be fragile, and has to be used under proper circumstances. No dust, no splash, no folding the screen to hard, no peeling off the plastic guard that came with the phone. Such a treatment required to keep the Galaxy Fold working as it should, or just as the other smartphones should do without such requirements. Several users complain that after they peel off the plastic screenguard that came with the phone, their screen goes blank and wont work.

For an innovative phone, this is indeed a restriction over its usage, despite its powerful specification. And Samsung indeed take a serious action over this issue. Galaxy Fold was recalled back to the factory month after its initial introduction. Galaxy Fold was meant to be the next generation flagship, alongside with Galaxy S-series and Note-series. After the disaster of Galaxy Note 7 in the past, they took a fast response to avoid bad reputation over their new product. After being recalled, Galaxy Fold was re-developed to fix the issues, and to prevent further issues. The result is, still, Galaxy Fold is a delicate phone that require special treatment, but it become less fragile than before.

Galaxy Fold is about to be set at $2500 price tag. Indeed a high price tag for such features, despite the fact that Galaxy Note 10+ was only set to be at around $1500, or $1700 for the highest version (5G 512GB models). A lot of high-end smartphone with more powerful specification has lower price tag than Galaxy Fold, and surely they don’t require special treatment over their usage. But the question is, is there actually any market for Galaxy Fold to survive ?

Is There Actually Any Market For Galaxy Fold ?

In 2019, no doubt every single smartphone vendors try to create the best of their flagship to win the high end market for this year. Take a look at fresh-released Huawei Mate 30 & Mate 30 Pro series which has been anticipated by lots of tech enthusiast, or iPhone 11 Pro Max which effortlessly win the heart million of milenials all over the world, or even Galaxy Note 10+ which was said to be the best Samsung phone for this year. So where does actually Galaxy Fold belongs ? It actually belongs to the special phone category, which was sold not mainly for revenue, but for triggering new innovation in smartphone industry. Few years ago, Samsung successfully introduced the first smartphone with edge screen, the Galaxy Note Edge, though only with one sided edge, it inspire and also triggers other vendor to create such a thing. Nowadays, dozen types of phone use same concept, a curved edge screen smartphone. Note Edge’s revenue itself isn’t as much as it twins, Galaxy Note 4, but Samsung consider it as a success because they became a pioneer of such invention.

Just like Galaxy Fold, Note Edge’s price tag was higher than average high-end smartphone, around $1200, considering the fact that Note 4 price at first launch was around $900. With exactly same specification (other than the screen), Note Edge’s was struggling to win public’s heart, other than tech enthusiast or gadget lovers. Lack of development for usage of the edge screen, inconvenience grip, no available full screen protectors become a huge no for buyers, and instead choosing its twins, the Note 4. Same case happened to Galaxy Fold, though this case the specification is different with either S10+ or Note 10+, and more fragile than both of them.

Market will always be available for innovative product. It has different standards that sets them apart from the ordinary smartphone market. Price wouldn’t be a problem for those who are after tech and futuristic stuff. But again, the purpose for this phone is mainly as a trigger for new trends, a breakthrough for current technology.

Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X

Not long after Galaxy Fold introduced, it already got a contender. Huawei Mate X was introduced not long after it. 8 inch phone that fold into 6,6 inch with QHD+ display stand in Galaxy Fold’s way to become the best foldable smartphone. Huawei has become a black horse in the industry. One thing that distinguish Mate X from Galaxy Fold is Mate X consist out of single screen, and is fold outside so when the phone is folded, the screen is on the front and back of the phone, leaving it somehow vulnerable. Galaxy Fold, on the opposite, consist out of two screen, one is 4.4 inch screen on the front and the 7.3 inch screen on the back, so when it got folded, the 7.3 inch screen is protected inside and 4.4 inch one become the operable screen.

Huawei was famous for their partnership with Leica, an industry leading in camera. Long has been they work together to create a masterpiece in smartphone camera, and Mate X is no exception. Four incredible camera engineered into this phone, all powered by Leica optics. The resolutions of the camera was said to be as powerful as P30 Pro, which was crowned as the best camera smartphone for a period of time in 2019. Under the hood, Mate X is powered by Kirin 980, the same processor as P30 Pro and 8GB of RAM. Galaxy Fold, on the other hand, is powered by Snapdragon 855 with 12GB. In terms of power, Galaxy Fold win the comparison. In terms of screen, Mate X win the comparison. But for overall performance, it depends on usage and needs of the user.


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