isocell - iso cell

Samsung teamed up with Fujifilm to develop ISOCELL Plus photography technology that is claimed to improve photo quality, especially in low light conditions, for mobile gadgets.

The technology embedded in the CMOS sensor makes each pixel element able to absorb more light. Samsung claims the increase in light absorption could reach 15 percent higher.

In order to produce high quality low-light photos, CMOS sensors do need to hold lots of light or photon, and deliver the right color information to the photodiode.

Samsung itself has been using this tekniik when making the first generation ISOCELL technology in 2013 then.

The technology in question serves to form a metal barrier between pixels with each other, thereby reducing the possibility of mixing the color and improve the ability to absorb light.

In the official information reported by from the official site of Samsung, Friday (29/06/2018), mentioned that the technology ISOCELL Plus will improve the function. Way, the barrier between metal pixels replaced using new materials developed by Fujifilm.

The effect makes ISOCELL Plus has a light sensitivity, color accuracy and increased image sharpness is higher. In addition, this technology also allows companies to install pixels measuring 0.8 nanometers or smaller, without degrading performance.

“Through collaboration with Fujifilm, the leader of the visual and information technology industry, we have exceeded the capabilities of CMOS sensors. ISOCELL Plus not only allows the development of sensors with ultra-large resolution, but makes the dimensions of the pixels so small and improve performance, “said Vice President of Systems LSI Marketing Samsung Electronics, Ben K. Hur.

The plan will showcase Samsung ISOCELL technology Plus in Mobile World Congress Shanghai on 27 to 29 June 2018. Not yet known whether this technology will also be pinned on the Galaxy Note 9 which was launched on 9 August.

But it should be noted that previously, Samsung is rumored to have determined the focus of the update and improvement of the Galaxy Note 9 camera capabilities. If that is true, then there is one possible update in question is to use this ISOCELL Plus technology.



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