In March 2019 Samsung released the Galaxy S10 series along with the 10th anniversary of the flagship series Samsung Galaxy S. The success of the Samsung Galaxy 10 continued with the victory of its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S11 Series which will be introduced in February. This phone will be Samsung’s flagship smartphone in the superior class to compete against the iPhone 11 Series or other leading smartphones. There are so many interesting features that the Samsung Galaxy S11 has. Samsung itself said that they were sure to make the gadget lovers amazed with all the features available on this Samsung Galaxy S11. Here are a few leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S11 specifications.


Rumor has it that this smartphone will come in 3 screen size variants, similar to before. The three models are the Samsung Galaxy S11e with a screen size of 6.2 or 6.4 inches, the second is the standard version of the Samsung Galaxy S11 with a 6.7 inch screen and the third Samsung Galaxy S11 plus the largest screen, which is 6.9 inches. In addition to size, update this smartphone also moved curved screen – the tip with two sides that are curved like, some of today’s leading Galaxy phones. Unlike Samsung Galaxy S10e which still uses a conventional flat screen.


For the network itself, based on rumors, this smartphone will come in two network options, 4G and 5G variants for Smasung Galaxy S11e and Samsung Galaxy S11 standard versions while for Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus only available in 5G variants.


In addition to the screen and its network, the cellphone is expected to adopt a 108 megapixel camera sensor with a high-sensor sensor and all its advantages, such as 6K video recording to an improved low-light mode stapling. The 108 megapixel sensor is said to be the result of collaboration between Samsung and Xiaomi some time ago. The sensor named ISOCELL Bright HMX can capture images with a resolution reaching 12,031 x 9,024 pixels. A media technology from South Korea proclaims that Samsung will test a periscope-style telephoto camera.

Periscope cameras use mirrors to deflect the light from the front towards the camera sensor that is placed sideways. In this way, the composition of the camera lens can be made horizontally alias transversely in the body, rather than vertical and protruding to the outside. In the smartphone world, periscope camera technology has already been used by Oppo and Huawei in their respective high-end phones. As for the Galaxy S11, the periscope camera trial for this phone will reportedly be carried out with components made by a South Korean company called Mecatech Systems. The company is also said to produce time of flight sensors (ToF) and has a high reputation in testing smartphone camera modules. And for other rumors saying that the Galaxy S11 will be equipped with a 5x optical zoom feature, with a telephoto camera module that is said to have been mass produced since last May.


Samsung announced the Exynos 990 as a new chip that was allegedly going to drive the Galaxy S11 next year. Exynos 990 is claimed to provide improved performance compared to the previous Exynos 980. This chip is said to increase device speeds by up to 20 percent. Built with a 7 nanometer (nm) fabrication process, the Exynos 990 is also designed with extreme ultra-violet (EUV) technology such as the Exyos 9825. The Exynos 990 also features a Mali-G77 GPU supported by LPDDR5. In total there are eight CPU cores consisting of two custom cores, two Cortex-A76 cores that have high performance, and four Cortex-A55 power-efficient cores. This SoC also integrates a dual-core neural processing unit (NPU) and enhanced digital signal processor (DSP). Dual-core NPU aims to make AI-based applications faster, such as virtual assistants, camera scene detection, and face recognition.

In addition to Exynos 990, Samsung also announced a standalone 5G modem chip, the Exynos 5123. This 5G modem is said to have downlink speeds of up to 5.1 Gbps in sub-6Hz 5G and 7.3 Gbps in 5W mmWave. On LTE networks the speed can reach 3.0 Gbps.

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