code injection is script injected to our code without our permission. For bad purpose this code can become backdoor to take over your site. Some injection can be used for deface website. Or for some provider it just for promote them product.


All type of injection come from vulnerability in CMS (content management system), PHP code, Web Server bug, Or Operating System bug.

In some website we read tips to update all component in our site like cms php or operating system. This procedure not wrong but in some case become worse or make error in your site. PHP version update case, updete php in newer version maybe become disaster for your site. Why? some theme plugin in CMS especially in wordpress require several time to launching update. After update php in newer version some error show in front your site some error in line bla…bla… etc or in worst case your website become white of death or not showing up.

In wordpress there is plug in to check your theme and plugin compatibility. You can search with “php compatibility”

Back to rogueads, Rogueads is some part of script in javascipt injected to our php code to open content in some site. In my case rouge ads only show in mobile ones. This script open ads in popup with large size. Transparent ones but still disturbing your visitor.

read also php 7.2 spec

In my case this script hidden in nulled theme. You can check it in mobile folder in your theme code or in header or footer. You can check it with editor in wordpress theme in appearance block and going to editor. If you found it delete or you don`t have coding capability update your theme from recommended provider.

For prevent php injection will be describe next ones

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