Reality is increasingly ‘only real’ in the market. This is what makes us interested in offering a review of Realme X, their new ammunition that is currently invading the Indonesian market.

It seems that it is starting to be hard to get rid of the name of the ‘new kid’ from the map of Indonesian smartphone competition. Realme X, the latest series can explode immediately, attracting the attention of consumers while making the competition embarrassed.

So here it is, for now, every new cellphone released by Realme is gossip. Minimal attention to both the haters and lovers. In essence, this brand is still sexy and the items that are released also always have an appeal. Therefore, we cannot comment much when claims arise that Realme has successfully established itself as the top 5 smartphone brand in Indonesia.

In less than a year, this new brand has strengthened its position as the most developed HP brand in Indonesia. And, what is said is Counterpoint. And Realme doesn’t stop you know, they keep on throwing new products urging their competitors. And, speaking of new Realme X products, the netizens’ enthusiasm was quite high. Can be checked on our Instagram, once the official price of the HP Realme is installed, the response of followers is above average.

Well, we happen to have gotten Realme X to be tested. Reportedly Realme X has advantages in the design sector, front camera and certain features. Then how about the review of Realme X variant of 8GB RAM / GB for IDR 4 million that we are currently holding? Check out the review.

Selfie Camera

Do you understand why we review this sector first? The HP Realme selfie camera is indeed the most prominent area and is guaranteed to be one of the factors that makes you curious? Is it right? This is the first time Realme has used a new breakthrough selfie pop-up camera embedded in the middle. This camera is hiding in the upper part of the body.

To bring it up, you just open the camera application and press the selfie camera switch button. When we access, the selfie camera only takes less than a second to surface. When we see the position of the periscopic camera that sticks out, we spontaneously think, ‘If it falls when the camera appears, how about it?” It turns out that Realme has anticipated this because the Realme X review unit can detect conditions and situations when the smartphone is falling.

Out of curiosity, we tried to drop this review unit of Realme X and it turned out that the selfie camera immediately entered automatically in seconds when it fell immediately followed by a notification that appears on the screen asking if you want to use the camera again or not. Cool In addition, Realme also emphasized that the po-up mechanism has been tested up to 200 thousand times in normal use. Hold for up to 10 years with 50 selfies per day. Yes, the time we use it for 10 years, maybe just a year you’ve changed it to a new one.

The camera surface of the Realme X review unit is coated with sapphire glass for maximum scratch resistance, protecting the camera lens from scratches during the camera lifting process. The specifications of the Realme X front camera are also quite fierce, 16MP with a Sony IMX471 sensor. Several features are available ranging from AI Beauty, beautifying group photos and beautifying photos manually, for the perfect selfie experience. You can also add the bokeh effect when taking a selfie, the blur results are quite good and neat even in low light conditions.

In addition, the front camera of the Realme X review unit has AI scene recognition that can adjust to environmental conditions when shooting. The ability of low light is quite excellent, because the results of selfies in a dark room still look maximal. In the settings (icon in the upper left corner in landscape position or top right in portrait position), we can change the photo ratio, use gestures to take pictures, reverse the position of selfies, add watermarks.

For video options, available 720p and 1080p resolution options at 30 fps frame rate. The results are pretty good, it turns out, you can record optimally even in low light conditions. It’s just standard stabilization, the shake when recording video still looks less smooth.

Main Camera

The main sensor on the back camera uses Sony IMX586 which has a resolution of 48MP accompanied by a 5MP secondary sensor. Pretty good for the target price segment. The main camera has a 1 / 2.0 inch sensor and a large f / 1.7 aperture. The quality of the main camera from the review unit we view is quite good. Realme X supports Nightscape mode based on the RAW format and Chroma Boost mode, so images in dark conditions can still be captured with sharp details and colors.

Moreover, added by artificial intelligence, you can take pictures with maximum results in a variety of conditions and scenes. Some concoctions are embedded starting from image enhancement and anti-shake algorithms, night mode in low light conditions. The results can be seen alone, the exposure, detail, and clarity do not disappoint.

foto review realme x

Product Completeness

Realme x box

In the white-colored box, we find Realme X’s review unit in the color of ‘Polar White’ or Polar White. Actually there are also other color choices namely Space Blue. The color of Realme X that we hold looks simple but elegant.

In addition to the cell phone which is the main unit in the box, we have a flexible plastic body protector with transparent color, a user manual, warranty card, SIMcard ejector, VOOC adapter, and of course a USB Type C data cable. But there is something missing, you won’t find earphones or headsets.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner and VOOC Flash Charge 3.0

Realm is quite brave in this series. We were satisfied when conducting a review of Realme X because it could taste two mainstay technologies at once namely the In-display finger print scanner and VOOC flash charge 3.0.

All brands consistently work to improve the speed and security of fingerprint unlock. Realme has completed the Realme X review unit that we hold with the new generation of In-Display Fingerprint, an accelerated algorithm in the DSP unlock unlock acceleration engine that uses fingerprints.

If you have activated the screen lock and registered your fingerprint, you can try the sensor technology on this screen. When you turn on the screen from the ‘sleep’ position, a fingerprint symbol will appear on the screen.

review fingerprint realme x

Just press with your registered finger, only a split second, the lock is open. Hurry up! Spontaneous recognized immediately and the interface can be accessed. And don’t forget if Realme X also has a face unlock feature. After recording a face through this feature, then you can easily unlock the screen by exposing this cellphone to our faces.

review kamera realme x

Body Design

Combing the body design of the Realme X review unit, we found a device that has a very maximum front area. Yups, when talking about a smartphone with full display, we are quite satisfied with this 19.5: 9 6.53-inch screen. Without the front camera sticking out, the front area of this cellphone looks simple, there are no bangs, no punches or anything.

FHD + clear display is supplied on Super AMOLED based panels which have a screen ratio of 91.2%. When in ‘on’ condition, the interface displayed on the full screen is comfortable on the eyes. Clear and clear but not dazzling. Oh yes, the screen is coated with Gorilla Glass 5, making this phone strong and very durable.

Then we also found several buttons that are commonly found in smartphones, starting from the SIM card slot and the volume buttons on the right side of the body. Then the volume button on the left side of the body. The USB Type-C charger port is enclosed in a mic, 3.5 mm audio jack and speakers.

Hasil gambar untuk hasil kamera realme x

For speakers, the design seems to be adjusted to the position of the hand when we hold the phone horizontally while playing games or watching videos, so that the speaker holes are not covered by fingers that make the audio sound maximum. The sound quality that gushes from this smartphone is quite powerful and loud.

Then on the back of the cellphone, lined up vertically, there is a dual camera complete with LED flash. At the bottom there is the logo realm. The rest of the area behind the HP Realme is relatively smooth, there are no additional accessories or other trinkets.

In overall design, the latest HP is actually worthy of the premium HP category. The front rear panel is joined by a solid frame with a touch of chrome. The rear body is made convex at the edges, making it easier for you to hold it.

In the handrails, the front and back panels of this HP feel slippery with a fairly heavy weight. Maybe some of you will judge Realme X as a luxury and premium product if you happen to have the opportunity to hold it in your hand.

review realme x back


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