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On this occasion I want to write an review about a cellphone that I’ve used for about 6 months.

            Indonesian smartphone market has improved better and better and  returned a newcorner, Realme. Realme has just lauched  newest smartphone product, Realme 2 in Indonesia. Realme 2 is the first mobile phone of  Realme which was brought to Indonesia. Realme itself is sub-brand of Oppo. However, Realme itself has separated from Oppo in Indonesia. The sophistication of a technology usually trickles down. It means that over time, the advanced features possessed by high-priced technology products will trickle down to products to lower classses at more affordable prices.

            One of the things that distinguishes Realme 2 form competitors in its price class (2 million rupiah and below) is its design. Realme 2 uses a diamond pattern for the back of the body. There are choices of colors blue, red, and black. For blue and black, the diamond pattern makes the cellphone look more expensive. When you held it, the body is also solid with a smooth finish. The design feels fragile with comfortable blunt corners in the hand. When holding it, I feel the quality of the body is like a category phone above average. The diamond red color gives an elegant and premium impression on Realme 2. The back body of this phone uses 12 layers of nanoscale composite material. The casing is coated with 2.5D nano-sized tempered glass. The back casing of Realme 2 produces diamond-like light and shadow effects. The combination of red with tempered glass produces beautiful color reflection. If placed in the sun, the color will change. Although coated with tempered glass, Realme 2 is not slippery when held. With dimensions and weight of 156.2×75.6×8.2 mm and 168 g, Realme 2 is quite comfortable when held not too heavy.

            Next, turning to performance…

This specification Realme 2 is tough in its class, considering the SD450 chipset has a performance that is quite identical to last year’s SD625. Combined with 3 GB RAM, navigating menus or switching between applications can be run smoothly by Realme 2.

            This smooth performance has been anticipated, considering that the Realme 2 screen which only has HD+ resolution will be easily handled by the SD450 chipset that can handle screens up to Full HD+. But not only that, Realme 2 also has Game Space features that can boost performance when playing games and turn off annoying notifications so users can still concentrate on the game. When we try to play the game for a long time, Realme 2 doesn’t feel hot in the hands and remains comfortable.

            For UI or interface, Realme 2 uses ColorOS 5.1 based on Android 8 (Oreo). This makes it look like Oppo phones, including the menu. Even for the camera menu, there is no difference with the Oppo A series camera UI like A3s. For those who have never used Oppo, the menu display is quite similiar to the iPhone. Therefore, the UI can be an added value or a minus value for some users. The selfie camera is supported by AI Beauty 2.0 features which include beauty upgrades and smart group photographing recognition capable of distinguishing men and women through the camera. This feature is able to identify 296 face points. This feature can be used to take pictures of up to four people in one frame, with beautification results that are tailored to each gender.

            AI Beauty 2.0 feature can work on the main camera and selfie. This feature is intended for photos of human objects with the main camera and selfie. You can set your own desired beauty effect level from 1 to 6 on the human icon. For the front camera AI mode is available on the beauty menu and the level is the same from 1 to 6. For video, there is a video menu and timelapse for the main camera and selfie. There are two resolution options to choose from namely 720p and 1080p. The resulting video is quite good using 720p and 1080p resolution.

            You can also use the beauty effect on the video with the back and front cameras. The video produced by the main camera and selfie is quite good. The time-lapse mode on the main camera and selfie camera has no time limit so you can freely record video.

            The performance of the Realme 2 battery with a capacity of 4230 mAh deserves thumbs up. For most users who often chat with messaging applications and actively access social media, quite often photos and checking emails, the Realme 2 battery will last around 15 hours. For users who like watching streaming videos like YouTube or playing online games, the battery will last around 8-10 hours. Again, this number will change with network quality and screen brightness.

Concerning security…

Realme 2 is supported by face unlock, fingerprint, pattern and password. The ability to face unlock unlocks your face fast enough under 1 second. Face unlock is able to open the face even though using accessories such as glasses, hats and so on. Even when registering a face on face unlock, do not use accessories, when you open it you can use accessories. Even in dark places, this face unlock is able to detect your face.

            Realme 2 has raised the new standard for smartphones in the 2 million rupiah class. The combination of performance, specifications, and attractive designs seem to be able to attract the hearts of the prospective customers the are aiming for. Coupled with a large capacity battery, as well as a fingerprint scanner and Face Unlock. All the facilities that were previously absent for mobile phones in this price class can be found in Realme 2.

For the price…

Realme 2 comes in two storage configurations namely 3 GB RAM with 32 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM with 64GB ROM. Realme 2 variant of 3 GB RAM and 32GB rom is priced at Rp. 1,999,000. While the 4GB and 64GB RAM variants are released for Rp. 2,399,000.

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