Review Acer Aspire E 14

Beginner class notebook market still keeps its charm. This is evident from veteran notebook vendors who passionately market their products in the segment. With the Acer Aspire E14, Acer is again trying to gain market share of the beginner class by presenting some interesting surprises.

Concept & Design

First from concept and design Acer has always been famous for providing appropriate notebook solutions, but with a monotonous design. Hearing the word Aspire, seasoned notebook users will definitely remember the concentric design with a combination of black and gray or black with silvery gray. Previous Aspire designs that use a two-color (duotone) scheme are indeed suitable for professional workers who don’t want to appear flamboyant. But times have changed and the tastes of notebook users have also changed, as individual self-identity is increasingly sought to be highlighted. To Answering the change in taste, Acer introduced the Aspire series with attractive colors and motifs. The Acer Aspire E14 we tested was present in dark brown with a polygonal motif of four sides resembling the letter Y. This motif covers the back surface of the screen and the keyboard, with black plastic adorning the screen bezel and the bottom of the notebook. Although included in the beginner class category, the framework of building this notebook is quite sturdy. This laptop Screen hinges with good resistance and the structure of the screen that is not easily flexible gives a sense of confidence when using it everyday. Physically, the Acer Aspire E14 does not have many features. Dimensions and weights on this notebook include the average for a notebook with a 14 inch screen. But after seeing the price, we don’t think anyone will complain about the design and size. With a standard body thickness, the Acer Aspire E14 also packs normal sized connectivity ports, such as 1x VGA, 1x LAN (RJ45), 1x HDMI, 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, SD card reader and 1x audio input / output combo and DVD drive adorn the sides of the Aspire E14. Acer uses a one-piece plastic design for the bottom of the Aspire E14. This causes a little difficulty to upgrade the memory and hard disk. But it actually increases the robustness of the main physical parts of the notebook. For the keyboard, Acer has been using the chiclet design buttons for a long time. On the Acer Aspire E14, the distance between the keys is quite relieved and soft resistance makes typing quite comfortable. The flat button design was not very influential on typing comfort. From the touchpad side, Acer provides a large size touchpad that has an integrated push button. Although comfortable to use, the level of precision tends to be less when used to choose images with small sizes.


This device Acer Aspire E14 uses an Intel Core i7 4712MQ which has 4 core processors equipped with hyper threading so that overall there are 8 threads. In addition, this processor is the 4th generation with code name Haswell that uses 22nm fabrication with 37watt TDP. For speed, this processor has a 2.3GHz speed and can drop to 800MHz when idle. When you run applications that require high performance, the speed can go up to 3.3GHz thanks to the Turbo Boost. In 3Dmark testing, the Acer Aspire E14 can run the Ice Storm test with the number of frames per second in the highest range of 100 fps and as low as 14 fps. Cloud Gate and Sky Diver tests give less than optimal results, with a maximum frame per second range of only 5-10 fps. This indicates that the Aspire E14 is only suitable for playing simple 3D games. On the other hand, this notebook can play light flash games well. The viewing angle of the Acer Aspire E14 screen is quite good. In optimal conditions with a sitting position, the sharpness of the screen is maintained when shifting the angle of view. Watching HD movies is a common thing to do on this notebook. The sound does not produce deep bass, but the overall sound quality is sufficient for a multimedia device. In testing the Battery Eater battery, this notebook Acer Aspire E14 can last up to 6 hours 5 minutes. In everyday use, for productivity applications such as Word and web browsing while Wi-Fi is turned on in the background, the Acer Aspire E14 can last up to around 5 hours.                


This Acer Aspire E14 notebook uses two graphics, the first is the Intel HD 4600 graphics embedded in the processor and the second graphics is the NVIDIA GeForce 820M. Intel Graphics will only be used when the notebook is running a daily application or a lightweight application. However, when the notebook runs quite heavy applications such as games, NVIDIA graphics will take over the task automatically. This can be done thanks to Optimus technology provided by NVIDIA. The advantage of using dual graphics is that battery life will be higher, because Intel’s IGP graphics have lower power consumption compared to NVIDIA graphics. Thanks to this you will also get a notebook with high battery life to support your work and have a notebook that can be used to play games in your spare time.


Acer Aspire E14 will not shake the world of notebooks even though it comes with an attractive design. The beginner class specifications it brings make this notebook have a beginner class performance too. Enough for productivity and watching movies, but not suitable for gaming or photo/video editing. But with the price perched in the range of 3.8 million rupiah, this notebook should be considered as the ideal solution for your first or dependable notebook that requires a laptop to support general productivity, such as processing documents, accessing the Internet, and other light tasks. For novice users or those of you who need a medium-sized laptop with an affordable price and long battery life, the Acer Aspire E14 is worth a look.

The Sophisticated:

+ Attractive design for notebooks in its class

+ Good battery life

+ Port connectivity is quite complete

+ Attractive prices

What’s Missing:

– Standard dimensions and weights

– Performance is only adequate for light tasks

This is just my review, thank you.


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