Hey hey! I’m back with a new info. As its title, we will talk about the secret agents’ advanced unique tools. Let’s check it out, shall we?

            What would happen if James Bond without sophisticated equipment? Yes, of course, it would be very funny and it would be difficult to complete the mission in the film, right? Like a world intelligence general, if they don’t have sophisticated equipment it will be difficult to carry out their duties and mission. And the sophisticated equipment in the James Bond film, it turns out not only exists in the film world, but also exists in the real world and has been an integral part of the intelligence world for a long time. Espionage and lethal equipment have also been used for a long time since the Second World War.

            Well, you want to know what equipment intelligence has in the real world like in the James Bond movie, let’s look at information on 10 unique and deadly espionage tools.

1. Buttons Camera.

            Cameras in the world of intelligence are not used for selfies like you are, but are used to carry out spy tasks to spy on enemy movements. This tool is so small and is known as the Ajax Model 21. Popular in 1970, this tool was often used in a spy agent’s suit, whereas to take pictures you only had to press the shutter button that was stored in the bag.

By using this tool, the agent will easily take pictures without the enemy knowing. Because this tool is so similar and almost like a button shirt. Countries that use this tool, such as the Soviet Union and America.

2. Sedgley Oss 38 Pistol Gloves.

            This weapon, which was designed during the Second World War, was used for melee war. This weapon is in the form of a glove with a revolver as well as a shooter on the palm of his hand. The only way to use this weapon is to press the trigger on the index finger or pat on the body of the enemy, so that the trigger will automatically be depressed and shoot the enemy’s body.

3. Toxic umbrella.

            Known as the bulgarian umbrella, this tool is a weapon that was actually used to kill targets in 1978, the Bulgarian Department had a problem with a journalist named George Marcov. The Bulgarian spy agency created an umbrella that had a hidden needle that could inject poison into its target. At that time George Marcov was waiting for the bus, but suddenly there was something like a sting on his right foot. And at the same time, he saw a man walking with an umbrella and in a hurry. From there he was then treated in hospital until he died 4 days after being treated

4. Lipstick Pistol.

            The story of the woman who was ordered by Russia to become a spy turned out not to be a figment. Carry out a dangerous task, of course, spies are equipped with weapons that can be used for urgent situations. The female agents are equipped with lipstick pistol guns. This gun contains 1 bullet and measures 4.1 milli. Although it looks like an ordinary lipstick, this weapon can fire bullets strongly and can kill humans.

5. Glasses for suicide.

            It turns out that spy agent equipment is not just equipment used to attack or obtain data. Compared as a weapon to attack, these glasses actually become the most recent personal protective equipment. This tool was used by the CIA in 1975 to 1977. The creation of this suicide goggle was shown to anticipate if the agent was caught by the enemy. Compared to being tortured for being forced to divulge organizational or state secrets, as a last resort the agent can swallow cyanide pills that are hidden at one end of the eyeglasses. Wow, it’s really scary not to have to commit suicide.

6. Bomb Mice.

            During World War II, British intelligence agents were at their peak. The agent was then ordered to make various equipment to thwart Hitler’s attempt to conquer Britain. One of the tools that is arguably unique to thwart the plan is the bomb rat. This idea emerged in 1941, when troops needed a way to put a bomb into a German boiler, to frustrate their factory. Then the solution made by British agents is, take the skin of mice and then fill it with explosives. The rat is then put into German coal raw material and when it is hit by a fire the rat road bomb will immediately explode. But unfortunately when the first shipment of this bomb rat was immediately known to the Germans.

7. Rectal Toolkit

            This tool is a tool used to escape the property of CIA agents during the cold war in the 1960s. A spy agent caught will definitely be searched. But even if the agent carries this tool, the enemy will still be difficult to detect it. Because this tool is stored not in a bag, but stored in the anal canal from the agent. And when they are caught, agents can immediately take out this tool to escape, such as cutting the rope if their hands are tied. This tool is indeed quite terrible, but in reality can save the lives of spy agents.

8. Electric Suitcases

            Aside from sabotage, killing and collecting data, one of the main parts of the world of espionage is moving confidential documents. And this can’t be done by just using an ordinary suitcase. This one suitcase, is a very tough suitcase. Besides being made or designed to be resistant to bullets, this one suitcase can also produce 100 kilo volts of electricity which is high enough and can make those who hold it jerked. The advantage is not only that, this suitcase is also equipped with GPS. So wherever its position will be detected. This suitcase can also make a loud noise that is very painful to the ear when heard.

9. Transmitter Shaped Dog Poop.

            Compared to the transmitter in the shoe as usual in espionage in films, this transmitter has a unique and disgusting form. How not, this transmitter form is very similar to dirt. This transmitter was used by the CIA in 1970 to transmit radio signals by placing them in enemy strategic locations. They can provide coordination of air strikes and conduct surveillance.

10. Enigma Machine.

            If you have ever watched the Enigma film or the story of the father of the computer, you must know with this intelligence equipment. The famous cipher machine invented by German Engineers at the end of the first world war, arguably the largest cryptographic device ever made at that time. Although the Enigma machine looks like an ordinary typewriter, its function is to protect diplomatic and military communications. The keypad is connected to the rotor to reset the keys to be encoded as messages. Furthermore, all messages sent out, in the form of Morse code and require a certain code to change or decipher the message. So simply put, this tool serves to encrypt and describe secret messages.


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