Hello D E C D E G Lovers! I want to bring you for looking the beautiful of Pentest , yeaah i will not talking about the bird but i just want to talk about the great OS, This is Parrot Security OS. Speaking of alternative Os in addition to the famous Kali Linux Power Full with its complete features,

Parrot Security is a Linux distro that can be used for ethical hacking/hacking, and usually a distro for pentest (penetration testing) it has a tool for hacking more complete in the appeal with a distro personal/user.

ParrotOS is from Debian, and have a lot of tool about Ethical Hacking like Kali linux.

Linux operating systems are user-friendly and are made to test penetration and assist them in reverse engineering, computer forensics, cryptography, anonymity, and other aspects of etical hackers.

Here are some features of Parrot Security:

Privacy and Cryptography
Information Gathering
Vulnerability Assessment
Web Apps Analysis
Database Analysis
Study Tools
Maintaining Access
Password Attacks
WiFi Related Tools
Wireless Testing
Sniffing and Spoofing
Digital Forensics
Reverse Engineering
Reporting Tools
Mobile Hacking

To be able to run Parrot Security OS 3.0, your PC must have at least 1GHz dual core CPU and minimum has 256MB RAM-512 MB. This OS does not require graphics acceleration to use it and the installation capacity requires about 8GB HDD.

If you want tou Install ParrotOS, you can go to the official Page, Its Free.


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