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The professional who wishes to stand out in the midst of a sea of candidates for a particular position is required to come up with a strong, impressive and compelling candidate resume. He can even hire a paraprofessional resume writer to provide him a leg up in preparing a well-structured and compelling resume that will attract the attention of the human resource person.

The job of writing the correct resume in the presence of a paraprofessional resume writer is easy if you know how to do it. Let us take the example of a business leader who wishes to hire a paraprofessional resume writer to draft a persuasive resume for him. He has three options:

o He can prepare his own resume using the paraprofessional resume sample. This option is very tempting as it will take less time but there are some disadvantages. One of the most important disadvantages is that it will be difficult to do all the examples that are included in the sample as the professional writers have already done them.

o He can use a list of his recent accomplishments and achievements as an example. In other words, he will be making use of the paraprofessional resume sample for his own purposes and in a way not approved by the experts. The advantages here are that it will be similar to the type of resume that was prepared by the professional writer but it will only serve as a guideline for the sample. It will not be easy to know if the resume drafted by the professional will be comparable to the one prepared by the paraprofessional resume writer.

o He can have the chance to show the things that he will put on his own resume and make a comparison between them and the things that the pros have included in the sample. The advantage here is that the other points will be put on his resume after a careful analysis of the sample.

While the three alternatives mentioned above are not really viable, you need to choose the one that will serve you the best and give you the opportunity to put your personal experiences in the right perspective. The first choice mentioned above will not provide you with any opportunity to give an idea about what the pros have done.

To find a resume sample that is professionally written and is exactly how the pros have made theirs, you can go online and have a look at the websites of the top-notch recruiters and employers. You can have a glimpse of the details of their resumes and how they went about it and this will help you determine how to go about the project and what are the key points that they need to emphasize to make their resume more attractive.

The next time when you want to make a candidate resume that will grab the attention of the human resource officer, you can go ahead and use the best of the paraprofessional resume samples. The rest will be easily taken care of by the professional writer.

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