Web Picture-in-Picture Mode and Reply Privately in Whatsapp

a couple of months after the component was taken off to cell phones over the world. The WhatsApp Web highlight will be taken off with a future refresh, which is said...

Trending : Iphone with old battery – ios update

Decdeg reader have seen that Apple has all the earmarks of being backing off old iPhones that have low-limit batteries. While numerous iPhone clients have encountered seen lulls because of iOS...

Uber’s New President Contracts Ex-Orbitz Boss Harford as COO

Barney Harford, the previous CEO of online travel webpage Orbitz, has been named head working officer at Uber Innovations Inc., making him the second-most noteworthy positioning official at the ride-hailing organization. Harford,...
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rewrite rule for WordPress with Nginx to avoid non standart permalink error

nginx error...wait. do you ever compare nginx with another ones People find unable to get permalink work in WordPress when using Nginx stack. It's because Nginx rewrite rule for WordPress has been...
nginx performance

Nginx or Apache

Still use Apache Server? .. is outdated. Use Nginx, especially if one package with PHP-FPM for PHP Handler is guaranteed perfect. Web will feel light, although thousands of visitors will not feel...
xbox one x - x box

Xbox One X The Most Powerful Console Ever

From it xbox site, large picture and video with large font "4K feel true power". xbox one x is s series successor. The main feature is 4K capability. It has official...

Announcing a specification for PHP 7.2

The PHP development team for php script | php language announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.0. This release marks the second feature update to the PHP language 7 series. whats new...
autonomous car | driverless car | self driving car | vehicle

Driverless Cars on Public Roads in UK

The Office for Transport (DfT) has issued a Code of Training for how driverless car | autonomous car | self driving car to be tried on UK streets. It features methodology,...
solar panel - wind generator - solar power - wind power - renewable energy

Wind power and solar power are even more expensive than is commonly thought

Wind power and solar power are even more expensive than is commonly thought. There has as of late been a rash of articles saying that breeze and sun oriented have achieved...
client side vs server side validation

Client side vs Server side Validation in Web App

client side vs server side validation or client validation vs server validation on web app always debate since the beginning of time. The traditional technique for getting your HTML up onto...