Email today is no longer an exclusive feature. Since the development of computer networks has expanded, e-mail has become one of the important features in human life. One example of an email function that is widely used today is as a sender of job applications and other tasks.

But are you sure the email that has been sent always goes to the inbox folder? what if the email that we send often gets stuck in the spam folder? To overcome this, the following review.

Always enter a title in every e-mail delivery

The title of an e-mail is an important element that is also sometimes overlooked by some users. Although without giving the title of the contents of the email can be sent, but the system will recognize this as a spam. Therefore, every time we send an email try to always give a title in the subject. In writing the title does not need to be long, the most important meaning is conveyed.

Avoid using all capital letters

The next part that you should pay attention to is the use of capital letters which should be avoided. You need to understand that in the ethics of writing, all capital letters show an expression of shouting or being angry. In the spam folder the system has embedded that every email that uses all capital letters will automatically be included as spam.

File sending is compressed

When we will send an attaccment file via email, make sure the file sent is in a compressed state or is in WinRAR or Zip. Especially if you are sending files that are in the form of applications such as files ending in “.exe” and the like, it is very mandatory to use WinRAR or Zip to send them.

This is because files that use the “.exe” extension are always considered viruses if they are read by the e-mail system and will automatically be added to the spam folder. Therefore, by entering it in WinRAR or zip, the system in the email will not detect the file that we send as a virus. If you are confused about using WinRAR or Zip, you can read the difference between Zip and Rar in various sources.

Do not enter emails on foreign sites

At this time we can login to certain sites using only our email address. However, many people do not realize that not all sites that we enter are safe. If we log into a banned site using our e-mail, then the e-mail we use automatically is considered harmful e-mail by the system and is placed in a spam folder.

Therefore, you should separate the priority email as work email and email to login to certain sites. That way, you don’t need to worry anymore that the email sent will go to the spam folder.

Make sure our name is very clear as the sender

In sending an email, we also have to check whether our names as senders are correct and clear or not. it can be seen from the “From:” Our name “. From this part, we can see how our names are written correctly or not. For the settings too, you should make sure it is permanent. This will ensure the e-mail name will be saved by default.

Pay attention to the signature at the end of the email

The last thing to note is the signature section or information at the end of the email. Make sure in the last section, there are important things like your name, company name, company address and also telephone number. This aims to ensure that your e-mail is truly valid so that the e-mail system will not put your e-mail in a spam folder.

That’s how to deal with emails that go into spam does not happen again. From the explanation above, we can conclude that the selection of incoming email to the spam folder is determined by the system on the email itself. If you are interested in creating an email client, you can read and read various kinds of email clients that are scattered today. In addition, learn also the advantages and disadvantages of web-based email. Hopefully this article can provide benefits.


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