Do you have a computer or laptop at home? How long have you had that computer or laptop? It is undeniable that in this day and age every human being already has and uses computers and laptops to support his work or even make it as a working medium. Many jobs that require computers as the main media in jobs such as Programmers, Penetration Tester, Data Forensics, and other jobs that are involved in the world of technology. The development of computers continues to experience significant growth in both its shape and its constituent components. Various types of companies create technologies that support the components of computer components such as processors, RAM, graphic cards, and other peripherals to support the satisfaction of its users. Not infrequently also encountered despite using compiler hardware with good specifications, from the computer’s performance is still not optimal, not infrequently there are also problems that impact on obstructed work. There is nothing more annoying than using a slow computer. Slow when browsing, booting, typing in Microsoft Word, playing games, or even just opening programs that are actually light.

If you plan to buy a new, more expensive computer or laptop, it’s better to rethink because there are still some powerful ways to speed up slow computers. Actually, to deal with computers / laptops that tend to get slower, you only need to do regular maintenance and also do a few things that I will explain one by one in this article.

1. Increase the capacity of RAM and Harddisk (Storage)

The process of multitasking programs run by computers or laptops that are considered too heavy can cause the performance of a computer / laptop to be slow. If you open many programs at once that exceeds RAM capacity, the data will be processed slowly or even RAM cannot be stored. Increasing the capacity of RAM into a larger size is the best step to accelerate the performance of a computer. RAM can be easily bought at computer stores. The price is not even up to Rp. 200,000. However, the installation of RAM requires the help of professionals because they need special uninstallation techniques that are learned. Also note the capacity of your hard disk. If it is almost full (for example, only 10GB left), do not be surprised if your computer / laptop feels increasingly slowed. I suggest that you increase the capacity of the hard drive and if you have more funds, and to feel more performance, there is no harm in buying an SSD to significantly improve the performance of your computer / laptop.

2. Remove All the Unused Programs

The next way that you can immediately do is delete / uninstall programs that are not important on your computer. Is that an unnecessary program? The simplest definition is programs that you haven’t used for a long time in the past few months. Do you feel that there is no unnecessary program on your computer? Don’t be so naive like that before. Of the many programs that are installed on your computer, some of which must be actually just a burden on the computer, which is rarely used. This can be overcome with the Start menu for removing unnecessary programs. To find a program like that, open the Start Menu. The Start Menu will display all the programs installed on your computer from A-Z. Then, check out some programs that you might not have used for the past few months. By removing a number of programs on your computer, the memory on Local Disk (C đŸ™‚ will be even more relieved which automatically helps to reduce the performance of your computer / laptop. Light computer performance is directly proportional to the increase in computer speed.

3. Minimize the Startup Program

Another way that can be done is to disable some startup programs. You may realize that when the computer is turned on, there are a number of programs that start working automatically without the user opening it first, a program like this is called a startup program. This is indeed important for essential programs like Antivirus for example. However this program also needs to be run as long as the user is in front of the screen to ensure security from virus attacks. Unfortunately, there are often other programs that are considered less important that infiltrate startups. As a result, the process of booting the alias process to enter the desktop when the computer is turned on takes longer. Therefore, the way to overcome slow computer when it is turned on is simply by removing the unimportant programs from startup. For the first steps, open the Task Manager (Pro tip: press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together to open Task Manager.) After Task Manager appears, slide the tab to Startup. Then select the specific program you want to disable and click Disable. For information, programs with Status Impact None basically do not need to be disabled because they do not have a significant effect on the system.

4. Install a Trusted Antivirus Program

If you’ve read an article about the causes of other slow computers, you surely know that one of the most common causes is that computers have been filled with viruses without the user’s knowledge. However, do you know what a virus really is? In the computer world, a virus is a small, even undetected program designed to infect and disrupt the performance of your computer system. The most common symptom caused by this “bad” program is that the computer will slow down. Not only that, the virus also makes the computer hangs, blue screen, and even totally dead. The worst part is that just like viruses in biology, computer viruses have the ability to spread and “divide” over time. Luckily, removing a virus on a computer is not as difficult as you can imagine. All you need to do is install a trusted antivirus program. If you don’t know of an antivirus like that, here are three free trusted antivirus programs that you can install on your computer.

Avast! Free Antivirus

AVG AntiVirus Free

Avira Antivirus

After installing a trusted antivirus program, you can continue your work because all of the above antivirus has the ability to work in the background that allows protection on autopilot.

Maybe that’s the tips that I gave in this article, you better try the tips that I have given. I will immediately make the part 2 and if you have questions you can immediately ask in the comments column. Ohayou!


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