Understanding Computer Operating Systems

Computer operating system or what we are more familiar with Operation System (OS) is a collection of various basic commands that have the role to operate and run a computer or PC.

The origin of the OS (Operation System) from Altair, which is a computer device that was first created in 1975 that uses the OS CP / M and then by the Microsoft company was released into MS-DOS. MS-DOS has experienced rapid development starting from MS-DOS version 1.0 in 1981 to MS-DOS ver 5.0 in 1991 and then until now Microsoft has released a lot of operating systems (OS) ranging from Ms-Windows, to the ones that the latest is currently Windows 10.

Types of Computer Operating Systems

The computer operating system is divided into two namely:

1. Computer system based on GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Is a computer system that allows users to connect with computer hardware or PCs and makes it easy for users to operate the OS (user friendly). GUI is a means of connecting between the user (user or user) with the used or used.

2. Text-based computer systems

Is an operating system (OS) that uses text as a medium to operate it. This type of OS runs without using window frames as is usual that we often encounter in the current operating system. Text-based OS is widely used at the beginning of the development of PC (Personal Computer). To run this type of system requires a standard prompt that is the letter that shows the active drive.

Fungsi Sistem Operasi Komputer

1. Managing Hardware and Software Performance

We need to know together that the software will not work as long as there is no system that connects with the hardware. Which is the function of the hardware operating system such as CPU, memory, RAM, and hard disk will support the performance of the application if there is an OS that regulates the two devices.

2. Running the Basic System

As we have explained above that the operating system is a regulator of performance from the start so that if the OS does not function then we can be sure all programs can not run. And if there is damage then the consequences will be fatal because the operating system from the beginning can not be run so that we can not enter into your computer system or gadget.

3. As an Interface

Basically the display that you see on the monitor or gadget is a work of the computer operating system. It can be said that this system makes it easy for applications to run their programs and provide an attractive appearance. because all data and languages ​​are translated by the OS so that it can produce unique graphics, numbers and image displays. In addition, the performance of this OS will also make it easier for you to understand the program without having difficulty translating the programming language first.

4. As a Container of Application

The operating system (OS) can be likened to a floor where some applications or programs can run if the operating system is working. Which an application that is on a computer or gedged each has its own operating system, which makes this software work. Besides this OS also ensures that the operating system process can run well and can manage the work of the application so as not to burden the hardware.

5. Managing Computer Work Equipment

We need to know that in one computer system or gadget you have dozens of programs running. If not set, it can cause the performance of your computer or gadget will feel heavy and irregular. So the function of the last computer operating system is to set all computer devices so that they can run sequentially and the device is not damaged. But if there is an error in your computer or gadget, it is usually caused by the system working too hard and causing the system to go down.

Operating System Types:

Types of operating systems and operating system examples that are widely used by users for their computers and smart phones:

Microsoft DOS

The OS is widely used on IMB-PC computers or compatible computers with OS Microsofr DOS. Mic DOS was released in 1981.


The most widely used OS today. In 1990 the company released Microsoft Corporation, named Windows 3.0 based on the GUI.

Windows mobile

The OS is on a smartphone with a mobile version of the OS Windos. First released for the Windows pocet PC operating system launched in 2000.


Commonly called Mac OS, it is an OS made specifically for Macintosh computers and this OS is not compatible with IMB-based personal computers. MAC OS was first introduced to the public in 1984 and this OS was made by Apple Computer.


The unix modular operating system. Linux was developed in the 1970s to 1980s using a monolithic kernel. The difference with other systems is that this OS has a kernel and open components.


Widely used in supercomputer and mainframe computers or commonly in large companies that use supercomputers to manage big data.


The operating system on a smart phone or PDA Phone only skyrocketed for a while. Palm is no longer popular because it is less competitive with other operating systems

Blackberry OS

Operating systems such as the Apple operating system are only identical to one type of smart phone. This system is only developed for business purposes, which has a superior product, namely black messenger. This system can make users use several applications and utilities that lead to business interests.


The operating system on a smart phone that is usually called Symbian is a type of operating system that is the beginning of the emergence of a smart phone. Widely used in Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices. Symbian was developed by a technology company called symbvian Ltd. But because the user is not popular because it has been replaced with the Android operating system, Windows, Apple.


Existing operating systems on smart phones, tablet PCs, and Mini PCs are mostly used and are very popular until now. Andoid operating system in the form of a cellphone from Inux. Same with the Linux operating system, this is very easy to develop and therefore makes many developers who develop this operating system by adding interfaces to the system. Most smart phone systems, Tablet PCs, and mini PCs use the Android operating system because the costs for development are very economical but can provide maximum features. For now the adroid operating system has reached the 6th version.

Chrome OS

This type of operating system from Google is very light and based on Linux and web standards for personal computers or PCs. Google Chrome is tasked with using the windowing or switching (multi-tasking) method. Google OS uses the HTML 5 web standard, which is a software development in browser-based operating systems. Chrome OS is a combination of Linux and Windows Vista. Chorme was launched in 2010.


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