In the world of commerce, there are now many innovations that are highly developed. Starting from the development of online stores that until now are very attractive to consumers, especially young people and smartphone users. Consumers from online stores themselves are usually students or young people who have many needs. Housewives also often use online stores to buy their needs or as a side job when they are at home. Housewives can also be self-employed using an online store because how to use their own online store is very easy and practical. The seller does not need to bother to offer merchandise to outside parties. Sellers simply post photos of the items they want to sell along with attractive captions so that buyers are also interested in the items you sell. In the online store itself now has many applications that support and many innovations. Examples of online store applications that are currently developing in Indonesia include olx, bukalapak, shopee, toedia, lazada,, and many more. Of the many online store applications, I will discuss about the olx application, which used to be a good shop when it was first established and has now changed its name to olx.

At the beginning of the establishment of olx itself called a good shop that has been very much in demand because it can be said that a good store is an online store generator in Indonesia. At the end of 2014 the good shop changed its name to OLX. Good shops used to be accessed using their official website,, but now it’s growing very rapidly. From what used to be only accessible through the website can now be accessed through applications available on Google Play Store available on the user’s Android phone. Users can download the application for free and are easy to use. Olx can also be accessed through their official website, Their official website can be used on laptops and users’ phones. In its use the olx application has been frequently updated or updated. Updates that are used start in terms of performance effectiveness and the addition of features that can be used in the application. The addition of existing features is very useful and beneficial for both buyers and sellers as well because it can reduce the risk of fraud that often occurs in online stores.

It’s easy for the seller to post his merchandise so that it can be sold on the olx application. To be able to make ads on olx we must log in to the application first. Accounts that can be used to log in are Google accounts and Facebook accounts. After you login, you are asked to fill in your personal data including your telephone number and your home address. After all the data is filled, then you can use some of the mainstay features of olx such as the feature of sending messages directly to the seller using the olx application, using the direct telephone feature, and can find out directly the location of the seller through maps in olx. With these features, it is very easy for buyers and sellers and also adds to our security when shopping. Buyers must also be observant in choosing a trusted seller, because if not then we can be fooled by irresponsible sellers. We must be able to choose which sellers are trusted and who don’t or just want to cheat us. In distinguishing it we can see from the language used and the rating of the seller. If the language of the seller is different, we must be careful to continue shopping with the seller.

As sellers, we must also be wary of suspicious buyers in responding to the items we sell. Many buyers deceive sellers in many ways. Some use fake ATMs in the transaction process with the seller. ATMs that are commonly used are ATM Mandiri e-cash. The system of fraud carried out using ATM Mandiri e-cash is by using fake payment receipt sent by the buyer. After that, the buyer asks the seller to withdraw the transfer money at the ATM. If we follow the buyer’s order, then the contents of the money at the seller’s ATM will be taken by the fraudster after the seller disburses the transaction funds by following what was ordered by the fraudster acting as the buyer of the goods. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing buyers not only to accept them raw because they want the price you offer without bidding first. If the buyer wants to obey all of our orders, as we change the price to be more expensive but the buyer without any other offer immediately approves it, we must be careful not to get caught by fraudsters disguised as these buyers.

In buying and selling activities conducted online which are currently in great demand by telephone users, we should be able to distinguish between fake accounts or accounts used by fraudsters in committing crimes. The easiest way to anticipate fraud in buying and selling online is by the way we have to know with certainty that the owner of the account is the original person according to the account used. We can request data such as the address and full name of the person you are dealing with. If the person refuses and is suspected of being a fraud, then that person will not continue the transaction with you because it is already suspected by you. With your caution in making transactions online, you will also make payments safely and comfortably. In OLX many sellers offer goods at cheap and very attractive prices, for that we must be careful in making transactions and remain wise in using the application. OLX since its inception has greatly helped the development of online sales in Indonesia until now OLX is still very much in demand of lovers of buying and selling online.

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