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TrueCrypt is a software system for building and maintaining an on-the-fly encrypted drive. On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted or decrypted right before it is loaded or stored, without user intervention. No data stored on encrypted volumes can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password or the correct encryption key. Until it is decrypted, the TrueCrypt volume seems to be nothing more than a series of random numbers. The entire file system is encrypted (that is, the file name, folder name, contents of each file, and free space).This software is highly recommended for securing data on a laptop.TrueCrypt performs the following activities:

  • Creates a virtual encrypted disk in a file and mounts it as a real disk.
  • Encrypts partitions or entire device storage such as a USB flash drive or hard drive.
  • Encrypts the partition or drive where Windows is installed (pre-boot authentication).
  • Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent.
  • Provides two levels of reasonable deniability, in case an enemy forces you to reveal a password: 1) Hidden Volume (steganography) and a hidden operating system. 2) No TrueCrypt Volume can be identified (the volume cannot be distinguished from random data).
  • Encryption algorithm: AES-256, Serpent, and Twofish. Mode of operation: XTS.


Click the 2x TrueCrypt icon. 

Click Create Volume 

Select Create an encrypted file container – click Next> 

Select Standard TrueCrypt volume – click Next> 

Then we will create a TrueCrypt volume with MetaQuotes Book files, can also use other file formats such as office, JPG etc. – Right-click Desktop Backround will appear as shown below then select New – MetaQuotes Book 

Click Select File, select the file that we prepared for the MetaQuotes Book 

Click Next> 

Click Next> 

Determine how much Volume Size we need – Click Next> 

Enter Password – Click Next> 

If a warning pops up like the one below it means that the password that we are using is not strong and the password is easy to crack using the Brute Force technique – Click No 

Enter a new, stronger password – Click Next> 

Click Format 

Then a warning will appear, whether you agree to delete the file and convert it to a TrueCrypt Container file – Click Yes 

The Volume Format process is running, wait until it’s finished 

Click OK, Done TrueCrypt can already be used. 

How to open a TrueCrypt file that has been created 
Click the 2x TrueCrypt icon 

Select Drive F: 

Right-click Drive F: – Select select File and Mount – then select the EnCrypt File that we want to open

Enter the password then click OK

TrueCrypt files can now be opened

Click Start – click Computer

Local Disk (F 🙂 is the TrueCrypt file that we just created,Now the TrueCrypt Drive can be used as a secure data storage.

After Done using we click Dismount – Done.

You can download True Crypt in here .


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