Advances in technology today demands people things more efficient manner. From start to share documents, food and transportation costs, simplify a task, needed the time required.
Many people are the term bluetoothwhich share documents between two devices, but not understand the principle NFC who actually works way with bluetooth and is already widely developed countries world. article, explained about the notion of NFC, NFC, difference with Bluetooth.
understanding NFC
NFC short Near Field Communication, NFC is widely smartphones and as a tool to share documents,music, Photographs, multiplayer games, until tender.
NFC defined as a short-distance wireless communication, with an antenna used is shorter than wave carrier signal. The of NFC as couples seeking bluetooth signal using communications facilities.
Communication using NFC using modulated , but not originating from radio electromagnetic waves. NFC special magnetic properties penetrate the conductor reverse radio waves. NFC works by connecting the gadget at short distance, which few centimeters only. LotsMobile phonewhich uses NFC with a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Because NFC short distance, then very difficult to use NFC secretly.
By enabling NFC mobile phones, means be open all information on personal devices, meaning that others are know so the configuration user before activating the NFC.
There lso the term NFC tagwhich is a link between two devices using the features provided NFC. Users can control functions of phone automatically with one tap pre-programmed NFC. , a user can log into an application, set an alarm, activate Bluetooth, adjust volume, without turning on your phone or touch the display menu .

Besides as a tool to share documents or files, there are several other functions of the NFC, including:
1. Payment
Now in Indonesia has begun e-money payment, especially in major cities. Payment with e-money card using NFC principle, simply tapping into the payment machine, then the balance of will automatically be reduced without to bother using cash or debit and credit cards.
NFC for payment quite popular in Australia. , if snacks, no count in physical form, just pull out your smartphone, open the app to order food, and directly make payments via . Moments later, the food served at your table.
2. Inform Position Somewhere
At the time first launched, NFC rapidly adopted for application somewhere using LBS system (Location Based Service). Users can by way of tapping on NFC tag exists in certain places. If available, users tap NFC to getmap information .
3. Open the Applications Automatically
For example, a user wants to access a recipe for a dish. If you’ve programmed an NFC the kitchen wall, then the user just tapping on NFC tags will then open an application a cooking recipe. Similarly the music on the , the lights, and so on, anything done by utilizing the NFC.
4. Facilitate Specific Tasks
NFC be programmed to be more easily and efficiently. , if to send message people, users manually type message. Users can program a tag the message sent by simply tapping the phone on the tag.
Differences NFC with Bluetooth
NFC works at distances much shorter than bluetooth. If with NFC, most distant devices must be brought closer up to 10 cm, or menyinggungkan two such devices signal, Bluetooth is capable of functioning in two separate devices up to 10 meters. In contrast again with the wireless reach up to tens of meters.
How to Enable Secure NFC
In general, using NFC quite safe, but preventive measures to avoid misuse of contained device. are measures the activation of the NFC:
1. continuously activate the NFC. Turn to be used to exchange data. Once that goal is completed, immediately turn offNFC no other devices trying data from the device. Although unlikely because it requires close distance, this action security for device.
2. Lock with PIN. not just anyone to enable NFC on devices you when you’re off guard, facility key NFC with a PIN known only to you one, when a command to activate the NFC input PIN and only .
3. Avoid Moving Devices to Other Devices. When NFC is being lit, avoid to bring your personal device with other devices, though not necessarily devices being lit NFC.


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