In this highly developed era, technology is developing very fast. Technology is now developed more than just needs but satisfying desires. An example is the development of laptops and cellphones that are already gaming based, which means that priority is used to play games that require high specifications and a variety of services that can satisfy gamers.

On Tuesday 3 September 2019, one of the developers of the mobile phone, the Black Shark released the newest mobile phone, Black Shark 2. In this series there are two choices, namely black shark 2 and black shark 2 pro, which means there are additional features in black shark 2 pro. Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia that first got this phone. The plan, there will be several other Southeast Asian countries that will be visited by Black Shark 2 Pro, including Indonesia.

In terms of design when viewed at a glance at the gaming smartphone at a glance, Black Shark 2 Pro carries a fierce futuristic design language similar to F1 racing cars. His back is shaped like the letter “X” with the “S” logo illuminated by RGB lights. On this mobile phone uses technology that can be said to be very futuristic and very supportive for the use of games that have large sizes and sophisticated processors are needed to avoid lagging in appearance or gameplay. Namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset which has the highest clock speed of 2.96 GHz, this is very supportive for the use of games that have high graphics and certainly will not occur lagging, especially in games that are dynamic. This cellphone is also empowered with a graphical kitchen in the form of Adreno 640 that functions to support the processing done by the processor which makes this phone about fifteen percent faster. This chip is a development of Qualcomm Technologies, this chip enables the 5G internet processing which is multi gigabit in frequency sub – 6 GHz and mmWave, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and extended reality (XR), which are advanced technologies from Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This chip also provides Qualcomm WiFi 6 services.

This mobile phone also has a storage of up to 256 GB that allows users to store games that are large and diverse. However, the thing that needs to be considered in its storage memory is the implementation of UFS 3.0 data transfer technology developed by JEDEC, making data transfer activities can be quickly, which is around 23.2 Gbps, which supplies 2.5 volt VCC power. In addition, Black Shark 2 includes a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen, which means that it provides a real visualization facility and supports playing games. This mobile phone is also powered by a 4000 mAh battery which means it can last long enough both in stand-by mode and in significant usage as well as technology with 27 Watt fast charging. Black Shark 2 also has a cooling system called “direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system”. It was claimed to be the first in the world and made the CPU cooler up to 15 percent, DC Dimming 2.0, and Game Dock 4.0. This is a very innovative observation and is a solution to the problems of the previous generation of mobile phones which are easily overheated and require time to cool down after a while. In addition, black shark 2 is equipped with a sharp camera that is 48 megapixels behind the phone and 12 megapixels and 20 megapixels on the front of the phone. This gives the facility to be able to do a gaming interface that is doing live video when using games. On this device black shark also provides biometric services in the form of optical finger print scanners that have been embedded beneath the surface of the screen. In addition, this mobile phone can also do face recognition or face recognition biometrics. On the other hand this cellphone uses a user interface in the form of a black shark OS UI that was developed by Black Shark itself. This mobile phone is also equipped with 8GB to 12GB RAM which makes the kitchen runway of this mobile very fast and can do multi-tasking or do several programs at once. In addition this mobile phone is also equipped with a gamepad provided by the developer in order to satisfy the sensation of playing games. This gadget provides Dual-SIM in the form of nano that allows users to use two active providers simultaneously.

This mobile has a 4G connection that allows internet data transfers of up to 10Gbps. WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 5.0 which provides fast data transfer via infrared, aptX HD, LE, Hotspot, WiFi Direct. The operating system used is Android pie 9.0 which can be continuously upgraded in accordance with the development of Android itself so there is no need to worry about the possibility of lagging behind the operating system.

Black shark provides three choices of mobile models from Shadow black, iceberg gray, and Gulf blue. With a weight of 205 grams this phone is quite lightweight among gaming mobile phones, as well as with dimensions of 163.6 x 75 x 8.8 mm so that it is quite comfortable when held and not too thick. For the given resolution is FullHD +, 1,080 x 2,340 pixels with an aspect ratio of 19, 5: 9. For USB type C 2.0 inputs, a reversible connector. Even though it still has a 60 Hz refresh rate, the Black Shark 2 Pro screen already has a 240 Hz touch sensor, DCO – P3 100% and Always-on Display support. There are also several LED lights on the sides to provide a beautiful touch, including the Black Shark logo on the back of the device.

However, behind all kinds of advantages and greatness there is a drawback that is not supported by the SD Card so that it cannot expand its memory and is only limited and when the memory is full it must replace the existing memory. At the beginning of its release in Malaysia the price offered was around 2,999 ringgit or around 10 million when in Indonesia.


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