Now Adobe After Effect has one of the great abilities of Photoshop, namely Content-Aware fill. This new After Effect feature allows users to delete unwanted objects on the video. This feature uses the Adobe Sensei Machine-Learning platform to make it easier for editors to always edit layer by layer.

If Content-aware fill in Photoshop can delete unwanted objects from a photo or image. This new After Effect feature is even more impressive! being able to automatically track objects in moving scenes and then replace missing pixels, as if unwanted objects in the video never existed at all.

This feature was first shown on Adobe Sneaks in 2017 under the name Project Cloak as an experimental tool. This tool is now available now for Creative Cloud customers. This will be very useful for post-production editing, such as removing leaking boomers, special effect cables, or people accidentally leaking in videos.

Removing objects from a video will not be as easy as deleting the photo. The user must create a mask that determines the area of the video to be replaced. Whether it’s using Animation-Mask, a mask created manually, or an automatic tracking tool that has been provided by After Effects.

Automatic tools may not always fulfill the wishes of the editor. So for more optimal results, After Effect allows users to direct the software to an area that should leak. Or users can also make references to still frames in Photoshop, which will later be used to guide their own editing.

Menjelang acara NAB 2019 untuk para profesional video, Adobe juga merilis beberapa pembaruan untuk software pengeditan video lainnya. Dan tentunya beberapa di antaranya telah didukung oleh Adobe Sensei. Auto-ducking for Ambience menggunakan AI untuk menganalisis klip audio demi perpaduan yang mulus di Audition dan Premiere Pro. Dan salah satu fitur lainnya adalah Character Animator yang mendapatkan dolls-rigging yang lebih baik.

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