iPad’s 10th Year Anniversary. A Journey of Innovation

Today is Apple iPad's line 10th birthday, which is kind of a surprise despite the brand's focus on iPhone and Macbook line. Turns out iPad has it own journey...

History of the Development of LINUX

Linux is an open source based operating system . Kernel system operation of Linux created by Linus Torvalds in the year 1991 when he still was in a period of study at the University of Helsinki , Finland. Originally Linux is a project like that done by Linus Tovards to develop the source code of Minix . Minix itself is a type / derivative of Unix that was developed in the POSIX project which was started by IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) System Operations Unix implemented by the researchers at AT & T's...

LINE, the Most Favorite Application in Indonesia

In 2015, a survey of favorite applications among smartphone users placed LINE in first place. LINE is able to defeat other social media applications such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Path. The most popular social...

12 Best Operating Systems Used by Hackers Other Than Windows

It is not the time to argue about the advantages of Windows vs OS X or vs Linux, because the three operating systems have the advantages of each that can not...


Youtube is an a website video sharing ( various videos) popular which was established in February 2005 by three the former employees of PayPal: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley , and Jawed Karim. According to internet research company , Hitwise , in May 2006 YouTube had a market share of 43 percent . The user can load , watch and share video clips for free. Generally the videos on YouTube are music clips (video clips ), movies, TV, and videos made by the users themselves . The format used by videos on YouTube is . flv that can be played on web browsers that have the Flash...

Nettox, Antidote to Gadgets Addiction

University of Indonesia (UI) students create smart watch gadgets that work to overcome the problem of internet addiction. The tool, called Nettox Watch, is considered to be a solution,...

Startup, Kill Zone and Antitrust Concept

Google recently just acquired Fitbit, a company who pioneering the fitness tracker in the U.S. Google poured funds 2,1 billion USD (approximately 23 trillion IDR) to perform the acquisition....

Advantages of Android Lollipop

The Android operating system is a type of device operating system that is currently worldwide. Various devices manufactured by many well-known factories such as Google, Asus, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc., use the Android...

Google Nest Hub Max!

Google Nest Hub Max is a 10-inch smart device that fits perfectly in the kitchen. Just for $230 you can get your Nest Hub Max for your kitchen to make your...

HDR 10 & HDR 10+ , a Mesmerizing Display Experience on Mobile Devices!

Like HDR on television, there are two main standards for Mobile HDR: HDR10 and Dolby Vision. HDR10 is an open source format that is currently more popular. In general, if your...

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