Apple product lovers aka “fanboy” will certainly rejoice with the launch of the latest iPhone in some time to come. But unlike the “fanboy” this, mobile operators can even be made dizzy by the latest iPhone later. Why is that?

A report published by Barrons said that it is likely the iPhone to be launched in the coming time will bring a new breakthrough.

The news is made by Anthony Stoss, a market analyst at Craig-Hallum firm. According to him, Apple has agreed a deal with ST Microelectronics to produce eSIM chips that will be attached to the iPhone motherboard.

With this deal, Apple is predicted to abandon traditional SIM cards and replace them with eSIM for upcoming iPhone products.

As we know, the Subscriber Identification Module or the familiar we call the term “SIM card”, has several types based on the size of the Nano, Micro, and standard size.

The most widely used today is the Nano SIM because of its smaller size so it does not take up much space on a mobile phone.

The difference, eSIM does not have a physical form like a SIM card in general. eSIM made embedded in a device and difficult to be dismantled.

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So what effect for the mobile operators?

eSIM is a scourge that is quite alarming in recent years.

The reason, although eSIM made embedded in the device and difficult to remove, the user even made easier if you want to switch from one operator to another operator.

Users can use certain software to switch operators. So simply by registering eSIM for package offer from various operators, easily users can bergonta service.

Of course, along with the presence of new technology, the operator must be prepared immediately. And certainly the capital that will be disbursed for this preparation is not small. Moreover, there are recorded few mobile operators in the world who are really ready with this breakthrough.

However, there has been no confirmation from Apple whether the news is true. If true, then the operator must be prepared immediately. The reason is likely for the next few years, eSIM will become popular technology and used en masse by smartphone makers.

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