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microsoft update – Microsoft software giant drowns data centers into the Scottish sea. The project, nicknamed “Natick” is not without reason. Microsoft will observe whether it can save energy by cooling below sea level. Data centers are identical to generate a lot of heat. The major service providers, usually moving the data center to a cooler country to save on electric energy bills. In addition, according to Microsoft, half the world population lives 190 km from the coast. So placing servers near residents allows faster internet access services. The data center that Microsoft server drowned on May 27, consists of 12 shelves with 864 servers and a storage capacity of 27.6 petabytes that will be submerged under the sea for five years. Such a capacity can be used to store five million movies and is said to have the power equivalent of thousands of world-class PCs.

Microsoft has been doing the same experiment for heating cooling systems about five years. By 2014, Microsoft has built a data center in a small submarine with a content of 300 PCs, then submerged it in February 2016. To find out if the experiment was successful, the ship had to operate for four months.

In September, Microsoft teamed up with Facebook and Spanish telecom company Telxius to sink a 6,600 kilometer wire under the sea between Virginia Beach and Bilbao, Sapnyol. The project aims to transmit data at speeds of up to 160 terabits per second. Compiled decdeg from The Verge, Saturday (9/6/2018), data center placed under the Scottish sea will be supported submarine cable and renewable energy from Orkney Island. The cables will reconnect the server to the internet. This data will be monitored for 12 months. Microsoft researchers will observe power consumption, internal humidity and heating cooling systems with temperature levels. Microsoft hopes to perfect this system by deploying a cheaper data center to be used for years.

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