We know that microsoft are a set of applications that have been around for a long time and are very popular. Not only fight with Openoffice or google drive but also microsoft fight with older version office.

The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen released a new version of Office, Office 2019. What is offered at Office 2019 is no different than Office 365 ProPlus, Officer of cloud variants, which can be synchronized via the internet. But there are some new or updated features provided by Microsoft in Office 2019. Some of the new features in Office 2019 include: Morph and Zoom cinematic concept for PowerPoint 2019, the latest data analysis features in Excel 2019, and Learning Tools facilities that make it easy users create text-based content in Word 2019.

  • Transisi Morph

This feature exists and the shape is very different from the previous year’s output. Especially if we look at the power point that is different from before, for example if we change the position, shape or size of the slides, we only need to click on the transition section and select Morph, then the features in this output will change the transition more creatively from the previous output.

· Zoom

The second new feature, in PowerPoint is the Zoom feature. The function of this feature can make presentation slides more interactive, Zoom is a kind of interlink between slides, so in one slide we can add zoom to slides, summaries, or to certain parts of the presentation without destroying the order of the slide presentations being made. Users can add Zoom via the Insert menu, which is Zoom. This feature makes presentation slides interesting.

  • Inking

This third new feature can be used when we already use a touch screen PC, because Office 2019 already supports Inking. So we can doodle using Pen or fingers, can write mathematical formulas, highlight text, draw shapes, and so on. But we can also use a mouse when our computer is not touch screen. In essence this feature is good and is recommended for PCs that are equipped with touchscreens.

  • Insert Icon SVG

The fourth new feature, now we can easily add SVG icons directly from the Insert tab> tap icon. There are so many icons that we can choose. Much like an emoticon on a handphone, and because it is an SVG or Scalable Vector Graphic icon, you can adjust the color, resize it, rotate it, etc.

  • Translator

The fifth new feature, there is now a translator feature in Microsoft Office. So we can translate from one language to another directly from within Office. The way we open the Review tab, here we can activate, and set the destination language translate, for example from Indonesian to French. Then we can translate parts of documents or one full document, directly from Office 2019.

If we want to translate one full document, the document language that we type will automatically translate to the destination language. But if you just translate the selection, then only the text that you block will be translated, and automatically replace as soon as you press insert.

  • LaTeX Equation

The sixth new feature, now in Word, we can enter the LaTeX equation. So you can write mathematical formulas using LaTeX syntax. Just click Insert> Equation> then just type the LaTeX syntax, and once entered, the syntax will automatically be rendered into a mathematical formula. This formula can then be changed and modified easily.

· Navigasi dari Pen

The seventh new feature, if we have a Surface Pen or Wacom Bamboo Ink, we can use it to navigate the slideshow in PowerPoint during a presentation. But this feature can only be enjoyed on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later.

· Check Accessibility

The eighth new feature, if we want to make sure the documents you make are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, now Office 2019 has a button for checking. Go to the Review tab> click Check Accessibility, various tips and recommendations will be displayed in the right panel, so that the document that we created can be accessed by all people.

· Audio Feedback

The ninth new feature, in Office 2019 you can activate the audio feedback effect, which we can make a mark of and use to increase productivity. We can activate it via File> Options> Ease of Access> and just check Provide feedback with sound.

This way Office will emerge a sound effect as feedback from the completion of a process, for example when we send an email, delete the contents of a document, paste the content, or save a document will appear sound.

  • Chart Baru

The tenth new feature, in Microsoft Access there are now 11 new charts. We can select and visualize data with this new chart design, from charts with line, column or bar designs.

·  Large Number Data Type

The eleventh new feature, in Microsoft Access is the addition of a Large Number Data Type that is suitable for non-monetary, numeric value, and efficient for large numbers calculation.

· New Excel function

Twelfth new feature, there are several new functions in Excel. There are TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS, and many more. You can check and try it yourself in Excel 2019.

  • New Diagram Template

The thirteenth new feature, there are many new diagram templates in Visio that you can use.

  • New Website Templates

The fourteenth new feature, there is also a website template for sketching websites before doing the actual design.

  • Easier Task Link

The fifteenth new feature, in Microsoft Project Professional, is now easier to link tasks, so no need to bother remembering the task ID, because just select the task predecessor and successor, then the task list will appear.

  • Label on the Timeline Bar

The sixteenth feature, in Microsoft Project Professional you can now add labels in the Timeline Bar, be it the task name or date label, which will make it easier to see the task progress.

Why does Microsoft Office 2016 have to be upgraded to Microsoft Office 2019? Human needs are indeed different. The features offered at Microsoft 2019 are indeed very interactive and needed for the world today. But we need to know that all assets must have a value that is not low prices as well as Microsoft on the previous output.

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