Microsoft’s new operating system (OS), Windows 11, is reportedly selling well in the market. Windows 11 which is claimed to be twice installed as fast as Windows 10, since it was first released to the public. Windows 11 itself has just been officially released by Microsoft to its users in stages starting last October 2021.

So far there are about 10 features in Windows 11 that are worth checking out. The feature makes for an update that is worth waiting for, interesting, and you should check it out if you have Windows 11 installed on your PC. Here are the features:

windows 11 New Macbook-inspired UI

Windows 11 features a clean and modern user interface (UI) with rounded corners and a pastel feel. The biggest change you’ll notice is the new positioning of the Taskbar with the Start Menu. Its UI is smoother and offers more functionality than previous iterations of Windows.

Windows has gone through a major redesign and brought many new elements across platforms. The Start Menu is now more functional, and the Action Center follows the mobile UI approach. Settings have also been changed with menus and sub-menus, as well as static panels.

windows 11 has Control Media Universal

With Windows 11, you can control all media playback on your PC from the Action Center. They all show up in the Action Center of whatever is played. You can play random YouTube videos, favorite songs on Spotify, or videos saved on your PC, and they’ll all show up in the Action Center.

New Microsoft Store on windows 11

Windows 11 comes with the new Microsoft Store. Built from scratch, and now supports applications from multiple platforms, including Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java, and Progressive Web Apps. It now also offers themes and extensions for the Microsoft Edge browser. Windows 11 Microsoft Store also comes with a new and sleek user UI for easy navigation.

Android Apps and Amazon App Store

Windows can now run Android apps, and that’s default too. Next, you can sideload the apps you want to run on your PC. Android apps are supported by Intel and AMD processors. Windows 11 will also come with an App Store for Amazon-powered Android apps so you don’t have to sideload APKs every time.

windows 11 Widget 

The new Windows 11 comes with widgets, and is very similar to what it looks like on macOS Monterey. Now you can see the weather, news, stock price, score in the widget section. And can also customize the widget section and give it a personal touch.

windows 11 gave Auto HDR and Gaming Dynamic Refresh Rate

With Windows 11, Microsoft announced the Auto HDR feature on its new platform. This feature will enhance the viewing experience while you are playing the game. Further, Windows 11 also comes with support for dynamic refresh rates. So if you have a screen with a high refresh rate, then you will get a smooth viewing and gaming experience.

File Explorer redesigned on windows 11

Windows 11 comes with a new, modern looking and redesigned File Explorer. It comes with new modern icons, a context menu, and a new command bar at the top. The new design also focuses on functionality and how easy it is to make file management.

Windows 11 is installed on 16 percent of the world’s PCs

According to a report from AdDuplex, Windows 11 OS was used by 16.1 percent of the total Windows users in January 2022. This figure has almost doubled, from 8.6 percent in November 2021. Although the adoption rate of Windows 11 has almost doubled, according to the same AdDuplex report, Windows 10 OS version M21U (21H1) is still the most installed OS on Windows OS-based PCs globally. The adoption rate of Windows 10 version M21U (21H1) is reportedly still at 28.6 percent in January 2022.

This report from AdDuplex is based on data from approximately 60,000 Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs running applications containing the AdDuplex SDK version 2. The data does not take into account PCs that are still running the old Windows OS, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. In the future, the rate of adoption of Windows 11 is predicted to continue to increase. This is because a number of laptop manufacturers have started selling devices running Windows 11 this year.

Separately, Microsoft recently revealed that overall, now, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are used on 1.4 billion active devices worldwide each month.

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