Recently, a technology company from China named Elephant Robotics has exhibited a new robot made by them named MarsCat. This robot is claimed to be the first autonomous cat robot in the world. It is known that MarsCat itself comes with various abilities that can make it similar to cats in general. MarsCat itself can walk, run, play, and also make a real cat sound. MarsCat is the first fully developed autonomous cat robot. Although a robot, it is designed so that it resembles the original cat. Even so, MarsCat is not designed to replace real pets or cats. Instead, Elephant Robotics prepares this robot cat as an existing pet friend. MarsCat is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and has exceeded their target of 20 thousand US dollars or around Rp300 million to more than 100 thousand US dollars or around Rp1.4 billion. Many other robot pets are available on the market, but Joey Song thinks that MarsCat has a unique blend of advanced features and a fairly affordable price. Robots can respond to a series of voice commands and will have different personalities as we interact with them. MarsCat is priced at 699 US dollars, cheaper than the Aibo Sony, a robot dog that sells for 2,900 US dollars.

The development of MarsCat aims to become a home robot, a robotic pet to entertain you. Just like a real cat, MarsCat is able to operate itself. No additional equipment is needed such as a remote or cable so that MarsCat can function like a cat in general. In it, the MarsCat electronic device is supported by Raspberry Pi developed by MarsCat SDK, which is an open source software that allows you to fully control and program all robot functions. CEO and Co-founder of Elephant Robotics, Joey Song said that they actually planned to send their first MarsCats production to buyers in March. So, buyers don’t have to wait long to enjoy their new robot pets.


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