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How to Make Post Questions in Instagram Stories

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Instagram seems to want to continue to pamper users with a variety of features provided. After releasing IGTV and video chat, Instagram has a similar question and answer feature AskFM.

Through this feature, users can provide question fields that can be uploaded via Instagram Stories. In this column other users can ask questions to the owner of the account.

These questions can then be accommodated and answered by the account owner through the next Instagram Stories upload. This feature does provide convenience for the accounts that usually interact with the followers.

Usually to do a question and answer like this, the owner of the account needs to first screenshot incoming questions on their Direct Message. Then the screenshots were uploaded via Insta Stories along with the answers given.

This way is quite a hassle, so with the question-answer feature this can make the interaction of account owners and followers so much easier.

How to create a question in instagram

To make this question-answer field anyway simple. First, make sure your Instagram is updated through the Play Store or the App Store. Then prepare photos to upload in Instagram Stories.

After the photo is selected, the option will appear as a sticker icon (smile box) at the top. This option is also the same as the option to bring up the poll and location features.

If the icon is touched, it will display many feature options. For question and answer feature then select “Question” option.

question in instagram

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After that, a question field will appear. You just fill out an appeal or an invitation to ask you a question. If you have any incoming questions you can see it by sliding the screen up, similar to how to check who has seen Stories uploaded.

To reply to any question is very simple. You just choose which questions you will answer. The answer will automatically become the next Instagram Stories upload.

question in instagram 2

Please note this feature has not been spread evenly for the entire account. When decdeg tries this feature on two different accounts, one of the accounts has not received this update, even though the app has been updated.

Even so, this feature will certainly further enliven your Insta Stories era. Especially if you have a lot of followers and want to continue to interact with your followers.


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