Because Linux not an OS . Because the itself understanding complete system, from the kernel to the supporting applications.
While Linux a kernel.
Linux is an open source kernel (open source) developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991.
Linux name itself is taken from the name of Linus, the maker. The name is proposed by his friends Linus.
Now the Linux kernel developed by many programmers world.
Linus Torvalds just choose any code be inserted into base of Linux.
Then what many Linux a Linux distribution or better distributions.
If a loyal reader Androbuntu, you’ve some Linux distributions Ubuntu, elementary OS, and more.
Linux distributions merupakna computer applications that use the Linux kernel.
There are Linux distributions be used freely.
There is also a Linux distro is commercial software, so be use it to pay a license.
Examples Linux Distro
There are countless examples Androbuntu Buddy Linux distributions can install on their computers.
Here are some Linux distributions:
• elementary OS
• Ubuntu
• Debian
• LinuxMint
• Arch Linux
• Kali Linux
• more
You can read , info about the Linux distributions on,
Advantages of Linux
Linux has many advantages, here are them:
• Lightweight so it requires little computer resources.
• Highly secure viruses, malware, and other malicious programs.
• Already more and more software or applications that now support Linux. browsers Chrome and Firefox, to Steam and Android Studio.
• Having of GUI display options be selected.
• Linux on the server tough be used years without a shutdown.
• The installation process faster than Windows.
• The boot process than Windows.
• Open source so it developed by anyone.
• Free use without a license.
Disadvantages of Linux
In addition to having advantages, Linux also certainly has its drawbacks. are the shortcomings of Linux to know:
• There are still think that Linux is difficult only be an IT expert.

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• of supporting software applications or Windows.
• Less suitable games (the number of games that a bit).
• The installation process is difficult, especially for used Linux.
Now that she was understanding of Linux and other matters Linux. history to .

Ubuntu Linux distribution Debian and desktop interface. The Ubuntu project is sponsored by Canonical Ltd., owned by Mark Shuttleworth. Ubuntu use, but Ubuntu server version available and has been used widely. Jetorbit be review aboutGetting more About Ubuntu,
Ubuntu from languages of Africa, “a sense of humanity to our fellow .” The goal of the Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit in Ubuntu to the software world.
Why Ubuntu?
Ubuntu complete Linux and is freely available.
The Ubuntu community the ideas contained Ubuntu philosophy, namely:
• That software should be available charge.
• That software tools should be usable respective local language and for have physical limitations.
• That users should have the software in accordance with what .
These freedoms make Ubuntu fundamentally different from proprietary software. Not only equipment charge but have the rightto modify your software until the software works the way .
excess Ubuntu
1. open source
Means use about licensing. By using Ubuntu, the Linux environment andcommand-command which of purposes, to manage servers alone. because Ubuntu the used toservers,
2. Affected minimal Virus
Linux, especially Ubuntu also rule exposed to the virus , but the numbers are very small and rare.
3. Quite Default Application Complete
In Ubuntu there are many applications be directly used even had standard office, Ubuntu is already available office innate, that LibreOffice. Regarding the license, it’s free. Ubuntufresh install also already installed browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox.
In fact, there are games for entertainment already innate, ie AisleRiot Solitaire. manage email because there ThunderBird Mail.
4. Boot Time and Shutdown Time Relative Faster
When first boot, Ubuntu faster. especially withshutdown time-his.
5. Security
Ubuntu relatively “better” in terms of securityor security. evident from the very lack of rates in Ubuntu. Although viruses are created for Linux exist but unlikely.
Disadvantages Ubuntu
1. A Not User Friendly
Ubuntu something less familiar, especially for Windows users. becauseUIit different to Windows.
2. Still Bit Applications
Applications are available small with the applications available for Windows or Mac operating systems. However its own considering person is different.
3. of availability of Game
It was returned to its users because Ubuntu designed to “gaming.”
4. Internet connection
To update and install Ubuntu requires connection while in Indonesia fairly expensive.
5. Lack about Linux Neither of Formal or Informal
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This is because Indonesia still more education curriculum OS from MS. If what Linux, usually learned from or forums.
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