In 2015, a survey of favorite applications among smartphone users placed LINE in first place. LINE is able to defeat other social media applications such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Path. The most popular social media-based applications in Indonesia and favorite applications are social media networks.  

The main difference between LINE and other similar applications is the sticker feature that makes users more interactive in dealing with social media. In addition, the Official Account feature on LINE gets a positive response from smartphone users in the country. The number of features makes LINE require more storage space on each smartphone.    


Instant messaging (instant messaging / chat application) is very popular nowadays. Many benefits are obtained by using instant messaging. Apart from its easy use and fast message delivery, Instant messaging also makes it easy for people to interact in groups. So it can be faster and more efficient when sending messages to many people.

One of the most popular instant messaging communities is LINE. There are currently 220 million users in the LINE application worldwide. In Indonesia alone there are 90 million users, the fourth largest number of users after Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

There are 80% or around 72 million LINE users in Indonesia, which are included as monthly active users (Monthly Active Users). Where the user spends 40.2 minutes per day using LINE.

In terms of demographics, LINE is widely used by women in the amount of 55% and the remaining 45% is used by men. In addition, LINE users in Indonesia are dominated by young people aged 18-22 years, which is 41%. Then followed by adulthood 23-32 years as much as 21%.

Why is LINE more dominated by women and young people?

This is because LINE has several advantages compared to other instant messaging applications. LINE has several unique and interesting features that can attract young people. As well as being able to update the status, the choice of stickers that are funny and interesting, the availability of a group that has a lot of capacity, as well as a feature that contains the latest news that is LINE TODAY.

In addition to these features, the most interesting thing is LINE provides LINE @ feature that can be used to run a business. LINE @ is a development of the usual LINE application, which is devoted to business purposes. So business people can separate personal and business accounts. This application is perfect for those of you who want to manage your business business well.

LINE applications include applications that have increasingly become giants in the world of digital communication. This is of course also followed by the function or usefulness of the LINE application which is felt to be very influential. The following are some functions of using the LINE application:

1. Communication Becomes More Efficient

The main function of this LINE application is to make communication more efficient and free of course. This LINE application must also be connected to the internet to be able to connect with fellow LINE users. Amazingly, users can not only communicate with local or domestic people, but can also communicate between countries and internationally.

With LINE, all LINE communication features connected to the internet can be used easily and quickly. Among these, namely chat (instant messaging), calls (telephone), and video. Applications that rely on this internet network can make communication more efficient, such as not wasting additional costs (credit), saving time, and being able to chat for free wherever and whenever.  

2. Adding Friend Networks

Relating to the context of communication, of course, can not be separated from people who are connected to one another. Both in the form of interpersonal and group members, the communication builds and adds new networks of friends. So it is very possible to have new friends and new colleagues who can be profitable.

3. Easily Share Photos, Videos, Sounds and Other Files

Besides being able to chat, phone calls, and videos, the LINE application also supports sharing or exchanging photos, videos, sounds, contacts, locations and other files in the chat room or with fellow users. The method is quite simple and quite easy. And last but not least, LINE also provides free and paid stickers that make users feel at home.

Sharing photos, videos, text and stickers can not only be shared in chat rooms, but can also be shared with the public through the Timeline. Thus, all your friends can see it.

4. Save Time in Saving and Finding Files

One of the functions or benefits that can be felt by users, which can store messages, photos, videos, and other files very easily and saves time in finding files that have been saved in the Keep feature. Broadly speaking, Keep serves to save files and can then be shared back with fellow LINE users.

LINE is a large digital company that has penetrated the world of communication, especially instant messaging. This is certainly directly proportional to the superior features offered by LINE to users. The following are LINE features:

1. Chat, Voice Call, Video Call, and Live

The main features of this LINE application are the chat features that can be used to send text messages, pictures, sounds, and so forth.

Meanwhile, voice call is also a feature of LINE because it can make calls or telephone between friends for free. This also applies to the video call feature that can make video calls, so that users can see and see each other face-to-face, not just hearing sounds.  

In addition, there is also a feature called Live. Users can share or show live video or directly that can be watched from the chat room. These four features can also be performed between individuals and members of a group. By utilizing the internet network, users can already communicate with each other.

2. Stickers and Themes

Basically, this instant messaging application is famous for its superior features, namely stickers. In this LINE application there are also very many interesting stickers in the form of still images, moving, to making sounds. In addition to stickers, LINE also has a mainstay feature that is free and paid LINE themes that can be replaced as desired.

Thus, users can express themselves with stickers and interesting themes in communicating via chat between other users.

3. Attachments

One feature that is not less interesting is the attachment feature. Users can attach files to each other in the form of images, videos, sounds, and other types of files. This certainly makes it easier for users to exchange information other than text.

4. Personal Social Networks

In addition to being able to chat, voice, and video calls, it turns out that the LINE application can also build a user’s private social network with the feature of sharing precious moments to friends or the public on the Timeline. With this feature, users can share text, photos, videos and stickers to friends and the public. And what’s interesting, namely between users can give each other likes and comments on all posts.

5. Keep

For users who frequently exchange files, the keep feature is one of the features that must be used. Besides being able to make it easier to save files on keep, users can also save time in finding files that have been previously saved and then shared again.

6. QR Code

This one feature is very helpful for users to add friendship in the line by scanning QR code . This method is another way to add friends instead of using a user id. 

7. Line Today

This Line Today feature allows users to be able to read news from the most popular sites as well as ordinary sites. Thus, the LINE application keeps users fresh with always up to date information.

8. Line Jobs

This Line Jobs feature is very useful for users who are busy looking for work. The reason, Line Jobs provides many job vacancies that users can search according to location, and type of job.

9. Line Shopping

No less interesting, this Line Shopping feature can be used for users who like to shop online. LINE also provides a variety of payment methods to make it easier for users to transact.

10. Line Square

Another interesting thing from this LINE is the Line Square feature. Basically, this feature is a large-scale group that allows users to join in accordance with the same activities and hobbies.

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