The latest agricultural technology in Indonesia can be said to be developing quite rapidly. Of course this technology has attracted the attention of various groups, not only those who are engaged in agriculture, ordinary people are also curious about the latest agricultural invention technology.

This new phenomenon occurs thanks to the large contributions from the university, government, and even private companies. The three circles (universities, government and private companies) are competing to develop better agricultural technology.

Although a variety of the latest agricultural technology tools are easily found, you can also still find traditional tools such as ani-ani, hoe, sickle, rake, and several other tools. The tools that help these farmers have from the past become very useful items for the lives of farmers. However, when compared with today’s sophisticated tools, these traditional tools will certainly lose in terms of speed, quality, and so on.

Benefits of Agricultural Technology Advancements for Farmers

  1. Obtaining Superior Seeds
    The latest agricultural technology is inseparable from seed producing companies, by involving modern seed producing technology tools that are expected to produce modern benis products. For example, such as hybrid corn seeds that are produced with the help of the development of agricultural technology. This hybrid corn character will have good quality, superior cob quality, and more corn kernels.
  2. Producing the Best Chemical Fertilizers
    Chemical fertilizer and agricultural medicine companies are now using modern technology to produce the best quality chemical fertilizers and agricultural drugs. By using the fertilizer, of course the quality of the crop will also increase. Farmers ‘turnover will increase, the government’s concept of humanizing farmers will soon be realized, farmers’ degrees will rise, and farmers will move up social class in the community.
  3. The existence of Modern Agriculture Equipment
    Agricultural tools have a big influence on the productivity of products produced from farming. The use of sophisticated tools will also affect farming activities, so the work will be faster, which of course will result in more harvest. Besides being faster, the power used will not be as big as the use of traditional tools if done with the latest agricultural technology.
  4. Increase farmers’ income
    With the technology that plays a full role in agriculture, it will certainly also affect the income of farmers. As with the use of superior seeds that will produce quality rice and the amount produced from each leg of pu will be more than usual. Thus the yield obtained from the use of superior seeds will increase the selling price of the usual.
  5. Improving the ability of farmers
    Through the latest agricultural technology, it will certainly produce sophisticated and modern tools for farming. Automatically the ability of farmers will experience changes, the existence of modern equipment provides new demands for farmers to be able to use it. Thus farmers must be able to adjust the development of agricultural technology available at this time.

Types of Tools to Support the Latest Agricultural Technology

  1. Jarwo transplanter rice planter
    This tool is recommended by LitBang (Research and development) Ministry of Agriculture, the concept of jarwo alias jajar legowo from east java is to provide an appropriate distance between one paddy with another paddy. According to research, this jarwo tool can increase rice production by as much as 30%.
  2. Indo rice harvester combine harvester
    The advantages of this sophisticated tool include being able to operate in wetlands, having a lower diameter, harvesting skewers produced no more than 1%, and relatively fast work capacity because within 4 to 6 hours per hectare.

Positive Impacts of the Latest Agricultural Technology

Speeding up the work of farmers so that this alleviates the work of farmers in the fields, for example, when cultivating large tracts of land, farmers used to use buffalo and now they use tractors.
The second impact is to increase production in agriculture. This positive impact, for example, by using a mating system of maize, the result is that hybrid corn becomes more numerous and has better physical shape.

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