Nowadays, laptops are one of the computer devices that are quite loved by several people. practical use and easy to carry everywhere are some of the reasons that are often expressed about the reasons for using a laptop. Although many laptops are circulating in the market with various types and brands, not all laptops have the same ability. For example only for the use of applications and software for 3D graphic design. Certain specifications are needed so that the laptop can perform optimally in running various kinds of projects related to 3D graphic design. To find out what are the specifications of a laptop that matches this, the following review.

Operating system

The first thing to notice is the computer operating system. The operating system is very important in the computer to be able to run various programs, BIOS, and also applications in computers and laptops. well, the more operating system updates are used, the easier it is to run the latest programs.

For applications and 3D graphic design software, operating systems that can be used at least use Microsoft Windows 7 SP1. Even though Windows 7 is minimal, it is far better to use the latest version of the operating system, namely Microsoft 10.


The processor is also an important part in the computer. Because, the pocessor is the brain of the computer in carrying out commands. For the processor itself, there are currently many on the market. Starting from the type of Intel to AMD show each other the advantages of each.

For Intel processors, at least use Intel Core i3. Basically, Intel Core i3 can run various applications, software, and games smoothly. As for the AMD version, there are quite a lot of AMD processors which are equivalent to Intel Core i3 like AMD FX-6300, and AMD FX-8370.


Computer RAM is a component of the computer so that it can run various applications and software smoothly. If the capacity of RAM used is small, then the laptop will slow down and even end up hangs. RAM usage is also affected by its base system, which is 32-bit and 64-bit. For laptops that use 32-bit systems, you should use at least 3GB of RAM. As for laptops that use 64-bit systems, you should use 8GB of RAM RAM.

Screen Resolution

Parts of the screen are often underestimated by some users. Though laptop screen resolution is very influential on the visuals produced. In addition, the screen resolution can affect our vision, if we are comfortable with the right screen resolution, the results will be far more leverage.

For the screen, you must use a minimum of 1920px x 1080px resolution. You can also use 3840px x 2160px resolution to produce visuals with High Resolution quality.


If it relates to graphic design, then surely it concerns VGA. VGA is an important component in a laptop. VGA function is able to maximize the graphics produced with the best quality. Also make sure the laptop is very supportive of the VGA card. For the VGA section, currently only two types are capable of being used for graphics, namely NVIDIA and AMD.

Both NVIDIA and AMD have their advantages and disadvantages. However, there is one thing in common, that is memory used to run applications and graphic design software smoothly. At a minimum use a VGA card that uses 1GB of memory or even more. The higher the VGA memory card used, the smoother the performance.

Hard drive

Hard disk capacity is also very influential on laptop performance. if the capacity of the hard drive that is used is very small, then you will have difficulty in storing the work that has been done. In addition, even a small hard disk capacity will be difficult to store applications and software that on average has a large size.

For the ideal capacity to be able to run a variety of 3D graphic design software and applications, it must have a minimum of 6GB of free memory space or more. Even though the minimum mentioned was that big, it would be far better if the memory capacity provided was greater than the minimum standard embedded.

Web browser

Especially for 3D graphic design, it is necessary to use the best web browser. The function of using this web browser is to be able to display the results of 3D graphics that have been created with Autocad. Currently, web browsers that can be the best recommendations are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Don’t forget to use the latest version of the web browser used.

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