Long before the 2000s, sophisticated technology had not yet been invented and widely used as it is today. From 2000 onwards many new discoveries began to prove that many scientists had above average intelligence in the world. This we can see from the spread of the discovery of advanced technology in the world. Advanced technology is made to facilitate humans in carrying out certain activities.

In this discussion, we will discuss the VAR technology that has been used in the world cup. VAR technology itself has begun to be glimpsed by many circles after the technology is used in soccer in world cup matches. The technology is arguably very sophisticated, but it does not rule out the possibility that one day there will be even more sophisticated developments of the technology. The use of this technology in world cup matches not only proves that the development of world technology is being rapid.

However, more than that this also proves that soccer as a type of sport. Not just limited to ordinary sports. Football is no longer about the stands, stadiums, supporting spectators. Football is very sophisticated nowadays. Even in the use of this technology, it must involve experts who are used to using the technology. VAR technology uses three letters spelling V A and R. V itself is interpreted here with the abbreviation of the word Video. Second is A, A itself is interpreted as an abbreviation of the word Assistant. Finally, R is Referee. So VAR technology is Video Assistant Referee. For those of you who don’t know, even just knowing after reading this article that you have come to the right article. This is because we will review the VAR technology in a clear and detailed way so that you understand what VAR technology is.

VAR technology is the technology used by referees in soccer matches. The word assistant in the middle of the abbreviation of the word is indeed associated with the function of the technology in helping the referee to see and observe the football game through a video. This is used to avoid cheating that usually occurs in the field. But unfortunately this technology has not yet arrived in Indonesia. If this technology is also used in every type of soccer match in Indonesia, then cheats from football teams can be seen. In addition, a referee can also be calmer because he can do his job as fairly as possible because violations that occur in the field during a match usually run very fast. Sometimes the referee has trouble deciding on a decision. The existence of VAR technology is a solution that can assist referees in making decisions fairly with the team that is competing. The way VAR technology works in soccer matches is to look at some of the ongoing activities such as when taking a goal kick. When making a goal, there will usually be a lot of intervention from supporters and the opposing party.

Now, with this technology, the referee can see through video footage who put the goal in the opponent’s goal. Then to decide on a penalty decision, when issuing a red card, and finally when the referee will impose sanctions on certain players who commit violations. This is usually a lot of referees who are said to have decided unfairly, but now the video can be directly shown as accurate evidence.

PSSI itself as an institution in charge of football in Indonesia has begun to glance at this technology in the first league match held in Indonesia. VAR technology is a system of video replay or documentation. VAR technology itself is installed in various areas of the field. The use of VAR technology is actually the result of innovations carried out by IFAB or the International Football Association Board which has been experimenting for 7 years.

After the trial process, this VAR technology was actually run and was first used in world cup matches. VAR technology itself is in the form of cameras lined up and is located along the playing field. Before it was actually used, VAR had become a controversy among world football officials. VAR itself once had no chance to be launched. But gradually this VAR technology was tested and then continued to run considering its function is used to assist the referee in working.

Many incidents of controversy in the field relating to referees and soccer teams are one of the reasons why VAR technology is not failing to be used. The existence of this VAR technology is actually used to reduce the anxiety of many people including the soccer team and supporters of the referee’s decision in determining the decision under his authority. VAR technology systems have their own advantages and advantages when used. But besides these advantages and advantages, this system also has its own shortcomings.

Pros And Cons

learn about the use of VAR technology in soccer matches that have used this technology. VAR technology is good because with this technology a referee can act more equitably. The advantages of this VAR technology can be seen from how the technology can evaluate so many things in one incident. So many things can be evaluated with just one technology. Although there must still be referees who are experts in the VAR field who must operate it.

The weakness of VAR technology itself is because the VAR system is too focused on many things in one incident. But VAR technology cannot focus on just one incident. So that cheating or injustice in giving decisions by the referee can still occur despite using this technology. The referee could be wrong in giving a decision because of this. Determination of goal entry or other decision making will impede the momentum that occurs.

The momentum that should be felt by one of the teams can just disappear because of a wrong decision. In addition, errors caused by this technology could be fading the concentration of players who celebrate victory or who actually should win but fail and have felt defeated.

Although it has such shortcomings, on the other hand the use of VAR technology will reduce the controversy that usually adorns the course of football matches and decision making by referees. So we cannot decide not to use this VAR as a system in football matches, considering that VAR is a technology that can help.

Many considerations of course before this system is actually run. Therefore it is possible if there are weaknesses of this system will be input for experts or scientists working on this kind of technology to work harder to improve systems that have these weaknesses.

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