Various sockets and jacks that are commonly used in the audio world. Indeed there are many outstanding models of socket / female-jack and jack / male-jack. But in general, audio hobbyists are familiar with the following sockets and jacks:

macam jack 1
  • Socket or small speaker jack hole (female), partner: Small speaker jack (male). Sockets and jacks like this are often also called small mono sockets / jacks, very widely used in portable radios / players for the use of small ear -pieces or external speakers. There are similar sockets / jacks that are smaller (miniature). Sockets and jacks like this are often also called small mono sockets / jacks, very widely used in portable radios / players for the use of small ear -pieces or external speakers. There are similar sockets / jacks that are smaller (miniature).
  • Socket or small stereo headphone jack hole (female), partner: Stereo small headphone jack (male). The shape is the same as a socket and a small speaker jack, but there are 3 connections because it is used for stereo plug-in / out. These sockets and jacks are often also called stereo small sockets / jacks, or stereo TRS sockets / jacks. It is the standard plug-in connection for most stereo headphones and earphone, found on the stereo portable radio / player, disc-man, also on the PC sound-in and line-out.
  • Jack RCA socket (female), partner: Jack RCA (male). These model sockets and jacks are the standard audio input-output connection of most home amplifiers, DVD / mp3-players, and audio-rack.
  • Big jack and socket mono. From a long time ago this socket and jack model has become a standard plug-in connection for mic / microphone, electric guitar, sometimes also used for aux connections and speaker connections.
  • Large stereo socket and jack. The shape is the same as a large mono socket and jack, there are only additional connections because it is used for setereo plug-in / out.
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  • DC sockets and jacks / adapters are most common in portable electronic devices that use batteries such as portable radios / players, mini-compos, mini-TVs, emergency lights, handy-talkies, and others. This adapter socket is held specifically for the power-supply connection if you want to use an AC / DC adapter or an external battery source such as a 6V / 12V battery. There are many sizes of sockets and adapter jacks like this, from the smallest to the largest.
  • 75Ω antenna socket or hole (female), partner: antenna antenna 75 Jack (male). 75Ω antenna socket / hole is the standard TV antenna connection in general.
  • Antenna socket or 50Ω (female), pair: Antenna 50Ω (male). These sockets and jacks are commonly used in radio communication aircraft such as CB or RIG. It also becomes the standard connection between transmitter devices and 50 antena impedance antennas.
  • USB socket (USB plug-in) and USB jack. Initially the USB socket was only available on PCs or Laptops. Now USB sockets are becoming common (especially type A), widely used in various mobile device chargers, power-banks, LCD / LED TVs, DVD / mp3-players and in other devices as a small + 5V power connection, or as a means use of a flash or memory-card reader. The pin-out arrangement for the USB socket image above is: 1 = V + (5V), 2 = Data-, 3 = Data +, 4 = gnd.
  1. XLR socket / jack. There are many types of XLR sockets / jacks, but the most common is the XLR3 sockets / jacks. Now these sockets and jacks are the standard mic connection with the cable, and also the standard input connection for pick-up in many audio mixer products.
  1. TRRS socket / jack. These types of sockets and jacks have only recently appeared, often used on cell phone head-sets. The shape is the same and the size of a small stereo socket / jack, but it has 4 connections. There are two types of connection standards, as shown in Figure (a) or as shown in Figure (b).

  Apart from the socket and jack types described above, audio jacks are also divided into several categories that are in circulation. Audio jacks also different by male size.

  1. 2.5mm Jack audio
  • 3.5mm Jack Audio
  • 4.4mm Jack Audio
  • 6.35mm Jack Audio
  • 6.5mm Jack Audio

Then, the audio jack is also distinguished based on the number of arrays of conductors that are on. Different of arrays make different purpose and use.  

  1. Audio Jack Type TRS (Tips-Ring-Sleeve)  : This TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) type Audio Jack has three conductor parts, namely Tip conductor, Ring conductor and Sleeve conductor. Basically, the Tip conductor part is connected to the left audio channel (Left Channel) and the Ring part is connected to the audio right channel (Right Channel) while the Sleeve conductor part is connected to the Ground. Audio Jack type TRS supports audio with Stereo mode.
  2. Audio Jack Type TRRS (Tips-Ring-Ring-Sleeve) : Audio Jack type TRRS (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve) is the most complete type of Audio Jack because in this type there are four conductor parts namely 1 Tip conductor, 2 Ring conductors and 1 Sleeve conductor. Typically, the 3.5 mm TRRS Audio Jack is used to listen to music and communicate on almost all types of Smartphones on the market today. For Configuration Audio Jack TRRS is generally a conductor Tip for left channel audio (Left Channel), first Ring conductor for right channel audio (Right Channel), second Ring conductor for Ground and Sleeve conductor for Microphone.
  3. Audio Jack Type TS (Tips-Sleeve) : Audio Jack type TS (Tip-Sleeve) is an Audio Jack consisting of only two conductors, namely the Conductor Sleeve and the Tip conductor section. Tips are usually connected to the audio signal while the Sleeve is connected to the Ground. This type of Audio Jack TS is usually used for microphones or audio that have a mono model (the right sound and left sound are the same).

that’s some type of audio jack that is often and widely known in the audio world. The types of jacks are widely used in various tools and their use is also adjusted according to the type.I hope this article can be used to help all readers. Regart


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