5G Internet access will be realized for smartphones in 2020. This follows an agreement from the United Nations or the United Nations. As quoted by Digitalspy, Sunday (1/11/2015), a radio communication expert from the United Nations has compiled a roadmap for the development of 5G Internet access technology. By opening the launch path within the next five years, smart phone users can access the 5G fast Internet. Theoretically, according to radio communications experts, the fifth generation of wireless networks for mobile communication is said to be able to provide speeds of up to 1,000 times faster than 4G Internet access However, further research for 5G is still needed. As Samsung handsets tested 5G Internet access last year, which reached a top speed of 7.5 Gbps, or 30 times faster than the average 4G connection. The 5G internet access network is claimed to be the key to

With 5G speed, internet users can download 33 films with high definition quality (HD) in seconds. While on a 4G phone, downloading HD quality movies can take six minutes. However, the initial experiments carried out by Ericsson still resulted in data transfer speeds of 5 Gbps on a 15 Gigahertz (Ghz) ​​frequency network. “This will be a dramatic change and become a harmonization (use) of the spectrum (waves) of radio,” Professor Rahim Tafazolli was quoted as saying by the BBC in 2014.

Tafazolli had led the 5G innovation center at the University of Surrey, England. The British government even funded the latest technology research. The radio waves in question are the data transmission medium in 5G technology. Another advantage is the lack of pauses during the data transfer process (ultra low latency). In 4G technology, the number of pauses obtained when data transfer reaches 50 milliseconds. While 5G technology is claimed to only have a pause of 1 millisecond. The lack of delay will make the operation of high-tech devices such as virtual reality to unmanned vehicles with minimal disruption. Another difference, 5G technology allows many sophisticated internet devices to be connected simultaneously at one time. This allows the world to be more connected to the internet. Some of the technologies that can be accessed are smart home appliances to vehicles.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is still focused on developing 4G Internet access compared to 5G. Whereas in other countries such as Japan and South Korea are preparing to welcome the presence of 5G. Quoted from Detik, Sunday, the Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara claimed to have not prepared a business model for 5G Internet access because the implementation of the fifth generation technology still requires a long time. enjoy 5G services in 2020. We can take longer because there is no 5G business model ready for use in Indonesia. So we will focus on 4G first, “said the minister who is familiarly called the Chief RA in Sinabang. He revealed,

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