The use of telephone mobile is very helpful , but the conditions and circumstances particular be very disturbing for audiences public as space exams , room meetings , places of worship , and places of others that require no no use of telephone seluler.Pada research is discussed settlement of the problem that the disable signal phone cell is directly on the scope of the range specified in the area are not allowed No use of telephone mobile . For that reason , the authors designed a   jammer that can emit frequencies in the GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz frequency range . Results of the study showed that the jammer can block the signal GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz.   Signal blocking tool (jammer) is able to work with a range of up to 10 meters.  

The development of the technology of communication when it already provides many benefits for life manusia.Salah a result of technology that is produced is a phone mobile or who frequently called phone . But on the other , the use of mobile phones in a place that is not right can lead to several problems , such as interference sound of the call sign and notice others that arise in places that are not appropriate , such as in the space meeting ,  space exams ,  and places of worship , which is supposed to disruption of the ca n’t happen . One of the ways to be able to overcome the interference that is to disable it while using devices mobile . In fact, in places that are prohibited from activating the user’s mobile phone, it is not forgotten or forgotten to deactivate the cellular device . To overcome the problem of the necessary existence of a device that can turn off it automatically at the room that meant . Devices that right is Jammer. The jammer device is basically a signal generator device . The jammer device emits RF signals in the cell phone frequency range (GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz) which will interfere with the cell phone signal and cause the cell frequency signal to disappear . All phone mobile on a radius effective jammer is not going to be able to perform communication .                            

A standard cell phone jammer has three to 6 antennas , each for scrambling GSM, 3G, 4G wifi and DCS signals . Jammer on generally works with the broadcast signal is white noise or ” bubble wave .” Pengangu communications at a frequency specified that in accordance with jallur communication . Jammer tool peghilang jamming signals Mobile 3G 4G, GSM to WiFi is very suitable for area places of worship , offices , prisons / LP and places that require security extra to the enforcement of law of course.

You can install the jammer, and turn it on , so that the phone within a distance radius specified will lose the signal . Some cellphones will still try to find a signal , even if they wo n’t get a signal if they stay within the jammer’s reach . And so the jammer is off the signal will go back to normal and is not disturbed .

Usually the effect of the jammer will be seen approximately 25-60 seconds after turned on , so when the jammer you are turned on , you have to wait about 25-60 seconds a new signal in around you will disappear . in some cases the portable jammer has the disadvantage of being a quick body heat , and that is reasonable given the work of the jammer and the power required is quite heavy . even in some cases the jammer also removes the signal for emergency calls , and of course this is difficult to avoid . Because that is the essentially jammer is prohibited in use , except for the places which indeed require , for example schools.

how to work jammer scrambler and busting signal the phone is quite extreme , to power the random variable ranging 5 -10 meters up to a radius of 3km.


Jammer has many types ranging from standard portable 4 antennas to 6 antennas , signal jammer is one of the most effective counter / anti- spycam and tapping devices , please see the video below for how the signal jammer jammer works .

Tool jamming or jammer great that regular use of police and military can be mounted on a vehicle convoy escort . Device scrambler is disturbing network phone by emitting a signal at a frequency that is the same , with a force that is sufficiently strong , so that the two signals have collided and mutually negating . Mobile phones are designed to add power tangkapnya if experiencing interference small , so the tool jammer must recognize and adjust themselves to the increase in power the phone . Mobile is a tool copies of two , which means using two frequencies separated : one for talking and one another to listen . Some jammer only block one of the frequencies it , but the effect is blocking both . This tool fools the cell phone into thinking that service is not available , because it only accepts one frequency . Tools scrambler are more sophisticated can block several types of networks at once , making the phone dual-band or tri band even if not helpless . Mobile sort it automatically can alter the type of network to obtain a signal free . To be able to interfere with the performance of the phone , you need a tool that can emit a frequency that is appropriate . Although the system is a mobile that is different from using a signal that is different , all network phones wear signal radio which can be interrupted . For example, GSM (GSM), which is used in a network of mobile digital and system -based PCS, operates at a frequency of 900 megahertz and 1800 megahertz in Europe and Asia, whereas in the United States using the 1900 megahertz.Nah , tool scrambler can emit a signal on frequency where any and effective against a system of communication cell , either AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, PCS, DCS, iDEN , and Nextel. Mobile analog ancient or device digital future is now equal vulnerability to randomization . The range of the scrambler is largely determined by the strength and condition of the surrounding environment : high hills or building walls , which can block the destructive signals . A small powered scrambler can only block within a nine meter radius . While large -powered units create a telephone free zone up to the size of a soccer field . Units are used enforcement of law and the military can shut off lines of communication up to a radius of 1 , 6 kilometers from the appliance it .

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