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After months of rumors and reports, the “final” design of the Apple 2019 iPhone 201I leaked in a 360 degree rendering video. Today, only 24 hours later, Steve Hemmerstoffer’s secret information returns with CashKaro’s new device featuring the larger iPhone 11 Max along with the usual iPhone 11.

Since the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016, Apple’s most expensive iPhone models all have two rear cameras. But as this rendering shows, by the end of 2019 the Silicon Valley-based brand will finally adopt a three-camera arrangement on its smartphone.

Like its rival flagships, the iPhone 11 Max is expected to introduce a new super-wide-angle rear camera that has a square-shaped camera bump. Although specific details do not yet exist, but reports circulating indicate that the camera will be pinned with a 12MP resolution.

Accompanying him, additional cameras are expected to have sensors like the main camera and telephoto alternatives, both of which maintain a 12MP resolution. With regard to optical zoom capability, no improvements have been reported that indicate that Apple will continue to use the 2x zoom lens that is already on the previous model.

On a related design note, the iPhone 11 Max offers one glass slab on the back without additions. The design this time has a separate metal ring around the camera module, but on the upcoming iPhone the rear glass will curve upward around the camera. The same design should be on the iPhone 11.

Depending on the color you buy, the glass used in the camera module will change. The black model, for example, will benefit from black glass, while the silver and gold versions will use silver and gold glass respectively.

However, each camera will remain in a small area of ​​black glass – with the hope of creating a uniform appearance, Apple seems to be preparing a special black coating that will make the sensor blend more.

Following in the footsteps of the iPhone XS Max last year, the iPhone 11 Max will be launched later this year with a large 6.5 inch OLED screen. According to the information provided, notches and bezels can benefit from a slight reduction in size. However, this initial rendering indicates that changes will be very much considered. Joining the front panel design, the iPhone 11 Max should make major changes. Rumor has it, the company is preparing a version of Face ID and will improve the accuracy that allows users to unlock their iPhone while holding it up close. In addition, a recent report suggested that Apple improved its selfie camera.

For about four years now, Apple smartphones have consistently carried 7MP cameras facing forward. With each iteration, the Cupertino giant has introduced a number of small improvements, but this year the company looks set to go all out with an improved 12MP sensor.

Speaking of batteries, the iPhone 11 Max will maintain separate volume buttons and an extended power button which can also be used to activate Siri. But this time, the iconic mute button will benefit from a slight redesign that will replace the horizontal switch with a circular section that glides vertically down the frame.

Elsewhere, consumers can expect to find Apple’s upcoming A13 processor along with iOS 13 right out of the box. Rumor has it that this flagship phone will also support wireless charging like the Galaxy S10, which allows users to refill their AirPods and Apple Watches by simply placing them on top of the phone. Apparently, this feature will be supported by an 18W fast charger in the box and a larger battery between 3,491 mAh and 3,650 mAh.

The plan, the iPhone Max 11 will be officially introduced in early September along with the iPhone 11 and the successor to the cheaper iPhone XR.

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