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Health is one of the most important things for everyone. If we are healthy, we will be able to carry out all activities much better. The existence of the internet of things in the health sector is very influential on the world. In a study conducted in the United States, the presence of ear infections in children is the most common thing compared to complaints of other diseases. Many children who suffer from ear infections begin when they are three years old. Well, what if an application on a smartphone becomes a doctor for everyone? The development of the era will certainly make everything can be done more easily. You can find out many things from the internet. This is the function of the internet of things in the health field. All things will be handled faster.

Home Auto Accessories can now be used like an otoscope owned by a doctor to see the outside of a patient’s ear. This accessory has been made by CellScope. This accessory can be used by parents at home by installing an Iphone camera. After capturing video recordings that are in the ear canal, the video can then be sent to the doctor via email for later examined. The doctor will then examine, diagnose and prescribe medication. Costs will then be determined. Cool is not the benefit of the internet of things in the health field?

Let’s Get to Know What the Internet of Things is

By reading the description above, then we come to know how great the benefits of the internet of things in the health field. Then, what exactly is the internet of things? Talking about the internet of things that are usually often referred to as IoT is endless. There is always discussion about this because it will affect our needs in daily activities.

So, the Internet of things is one concept in which there is an object that is able to transfer data using the network without going through human interaction with humans or even humans with computers. This has evolved from a convergence of wireless technology, micro-electromechanical systems and also the internet. A things on the internet of things is one object. For example, humans with heart implant monitors, or farm animals with biochiop transponders. A thing can also be a moil that has been equipped with a built in that can warn the driver.

 Although IoT is still in the development stage, but apparently this has become a smart alternative. The potential of IoT can change the world to be even more advanced. Well, one of the amazing benefits of IoT is the role of the internet of things in the health field.

Development of the Internet of Things in the Health Sector

The development of IoT has spread to various fields, including in the health sector. This year, the realization of IoT in the health sector has increased. For example just an Oto Home accessory that has been mentioned above. Many lay people have felt an extraordinary transformation from various products such as Apple Watch or Fitbit which is a wearable product. The emergence of the wearable then raises many other things that have been equipped with similar technology.

The presence of various kinds of objects is very effective and proven. Well, the role of the internet of things in the health sector itself one of which is to detect patients who are likely to experience seizures, tremors, or experience falls.

The Role of the Internet of Things in the Health Sector

The role of the internet of things in the health sector is extraordinary. First, when viewed from a medical point of view, it can be monitored remotely to someone. The presence of wearables promises to treat patients remotely. Even patients who are not hospitalized become more comfortable.

In addition, doctors will have more data to conduct examinations to patients. In 2018, there have been more than five million wearable and mobile health sensors that have been designated for health purposes. Meanwhile, there is also a remote patient that will become a revolution in how to handle patients. Remote patient surveillance technology is one of the right methods in reducing health costs. In addition, the patient’s health opportunities will become more increased. For example, when a doctor has found a vital sign from a patient who has heart disease, he will immediately reduce the need and emergency room. A doctor can also track the health status of patients at home. Consultation of doctors and patients can be done more easily using video call technology.

Internet of Things Challenges in the Field of Health

Although the role of the internet of things in the health sector continues to increase, there are also many challenges that must be faced by all parties. There is a lot of anticipation that must be done by the users. For example, the existence of user privacy disturbances due to security failures made by the internet provider of things. The existence of this apparently makes legal jurisdiction enforce rules to benefit consumer privacy which is done by limiting the movement, commercialization of health data and analysis.

There is a possibility that criminal acts will occur in the future if the problem is proven. Therefore, the development of the internet of things in the health sector should continue to be closely monitored.

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