Internet of Things (IoT), Opportunities Among Many Threats

Internet of Things (IoT), Opportunities Among Many Threats

Nowadays, IoT has become commonplace topic to  discussed everywhere, a trends and inovations that are now used almost by the whole industry in the world. This trends will conneect more than 4 billion people in the world through millions of appications that continue to evolve in exponentially every year. With a number that continues to evolve is also raised various opportunities of business that is predicted to reach the figure of USD 4 trillion. ( source: IDC, Mario Morales).

The concept of Internet  of Things (IoT) itself can be used for various purposes of life ranging from counting height of  the river, regulate the traffic,  tracking  vehicles, and others.

In the market of consumers, IoT marked with many inventions of wearable devices like clock hands, drones,  cameras, refrigerators, machine washing, and air conditioning are each connected to the Internet . “We should be adaptive to the development of technology , including IoT both of the technology and regulation,” said Minister of Communication Rudiantara, at a seminar in Jakarta Indonesia Technology Forum.

Internet of Things accommodating all aspects of life.

Citing the results of research IDC, IoT will grow by 1,7 trillion dollars the US between the years 2014-2020. While research institute Gartner notes IoT will grow by around 300 billion dollars.

Impact for Indonesia

In Indonesia, the IoT is predicted will get the spotlight that is quite large in the year 2022. Gartner IoT Forecast Tools that was released recently have predicted an increase in the consumption of IoT biggest in Indonesia in the year it will be on sectors of government in the figure of 39%. Score is followed by the number of IoT network the largest in the application of the network using a wired (wireline) such as ISDN, cable, DSL, and fiber to the figure of 33% compared to the network without wires (wireless) – 19% and protocol 802.x – 27%.

At this time, the IoT can be seen on the program Smart Grids are held by Jakarta Smart City. By using a system of support based application on a smartphone, the parties are authorized to replace the lamp illumination even before the complaint from the technician or the population of Jakarta itself. This transformation provides several advantages, work effectiveness and cost efficiency. Not only that, the adoption of IoT can be seen in Smart Metering which is empowered by PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN). With the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), the customer can monitor usage in real-time and the company can control and collect information that is accurate to the billing, as well as reduce the occurrence of fraud on the parties related.

How IoT Can be Implemented

The project practice of implementing an IoT network itself is a fairly complex process. Subject issues main that always be a consideration is a factor of security, followed by time for the initiation of projects related to, the suitability of infrastructure, and the challenge to increase or decrease scale networks are needed.

Reviewing the importance  factor of security, it needs to be in the know in advance what the sense of security of the network. Based on the providers of services of security that is renowned as Gartne, Cisco, and Symantec, the definition of security network has a sense of protection on the network and the data from the access that is not allowed so capable of mitigating disruption in the business an entity.

Risks are facing in the face of cyber-attack also covers several aspects. In general form of attack it has three objectives main namely, mendisrupsi process of business, steal information, and take over a system. By because it was, a factor securing IoT absolute consideration of the initial development of a product IoT, either in the form of small such as a smartphone  that can be used everyday, until the application of the device massive as network sensors oil earth.

Constraints for Vulnerability

Hewlett Packard (HP) company did a study in 2014 and then to the security of the Internet of Things. The results of the study said, as much as 70 percent of the device with the ability IoT potential and very easy t erkena attack crime online.

In fact, one IoT device is potentially exposed to 10 crime attacks from 25 types of attacks in general. Usually, attacks do occur when the product is already in use. “This will be a big issue later,” said Cyber ​​Security Segment Director for Risk Engineering at The Zurich Services Corporation, Gerry Kane, quoted from

Kane explained, attacks that occur because of the gap that is difficult to remove. Especially when the device is connected to the internet.

According to him, an evil hacker will be dangerous when he is able to control the system from the product or machine device. “The attack is no longer just after the data,” Kane explained.

Sometimes the factor of human error also became one of the causes of the system affected. Because, despite running the engine computer, the machine that operates by command users.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, underlined the five pillars of the system of security which is nice. System security covers, must identify all elements of the system that must be protected, protection overall, should be able to detect an attack, should be able to respond, and can fix all the system is automatic if the loss of data and files.

In most cases, IoT is able to identify attacks. But usually just send a report when already there are no wrong, not before.

Over the coming era of IoT, present also the concept of smart city and smart home that began many were introduced to the public as described previously. Recently this, the experts Kaspersky Lab conduct research in randomly to product Internet of Things and find the threat seriously for homes that are connected with internet.

Objects quietly could be a threat to security of the inhabitants of the house is a machine maker coffee can expose passwords WiFi owners of the house, video monitor baby that can be controlled by a third party who intend evil, and system security of home -based smartphone that can be controlled only by indirection magnet.

According to expert security Kaspersky Lab David Jacoby, almost the entire equipment IoT which were in the house is very vulnerable threats. By because it is, a team of anti malware Kaspersky Lab repeat studies similar to little change. Research is, focusing on the device home that connected one to the other and have many available in the market.

Devices are selected in the trial of this among others, USB which can be connected as a medium of video streaming, IP cameras, machine maker coffee which is controlled by a smartphone, as well as system security houses are controlled also by smartphones.

Cameras are used to monitor the baby, can provide an opportunity for hackers to connect to the camera. So also the device audio that can pay attention to what were recorded through the camera by using a network that is similar to the owner of the camera it.

Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab Victor Alyushin explains, experiments have demonstrated, the vendor needs to pay attention to security Siber when developing device IoT. “Any device that is controlled through applications and connected can certainly have at least one security problem,” he said. To prevent the occurrence of the problem of security, continued Victo, need to be resolved before the products are launched into the market. Because certainly be more difficult to fix when it has been sold to thousands of owners of the house.

The Solution of The Threat

Before the  era of IoT is going massive, it is necessary to prepare  or guarantee of the service or SLA (service level agreement) and the protection of the security of data consumers. If it not anticipated from now,  the side of safety and regulatory of IoT will keep bombing of time associated with security.

Despite all the benefits offered by the existence of IoT, all the possibilities that occur or the side effects of the presence of IoT must be prepared so that if the device is any device that supports the needs of daily life is fully connected to the internet can provide more positive effects than negative effects.

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