Actually it’s a little late to announce this new Intel product, but it never hurts to review again, who knows there are still people who want to read it. As we already know that for several years there is no variant of Intel processors higher than Core i7, but that will change because Intel Core i9 has the highest variant has 18 cores and the lowest has 10 cores. The presence of Intel Core i9 is intended to maintain Intel’s dominance in the world processor market, which does not want to lose to its rival, AMD, which has just released AMD Ryzen which has 16 cores in its highest variant. At the release of the Core i9 also announced the presence of Intel’s new product, the X-series, which comes with an LGA 2066 socket with the X299 chipset to replace the old X99 chipset. With this of course you have to use a new type of motherboard to be able to use this X-series variant processor. There are several series presented from this X-series variant namely Core i5 and Core i7 from entry level variants, and the highest variants namely Core i9-Extreme Series and Core i9-Series for the enthusiast class alias only intended for High-End PCs and based on news I can say that Intel will not present Core i9 for laptops.

As I said above, the Core i9 variant has 18 cores and Hyper Threading technology that is capable of running 36 tasks at once in one go. Of course the processor with this technology is perfect for those of you who often multitask many applications at once and other heavy tasks such as video rendering that requires a high-performance processor. After a lengthy explanation now I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this Intel Core i9, following his review.

The advantages of Intel Core i9

1. The presence of Turbo Boost Max 3.0 features

On Intel X-Series processors, Intel includes Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology for all processor lines including Intel Core i9, Turbo Boost Max 3.0 is an Advanced technology from Intel Turbo Boost that already exists.

It’s just that in this new technology, the processor can identify the fastest cores and will use them to do the most difficult or important tasks.

This is temporary and will only be done when the processor is overwhelmed by many commands. And the most interesting, the Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology already supports 2 cores, whereas the previous Intel Turbo Boost technology only supports 1 core.

2. Balancing the cache hierarchy

We know that cache is RAM for the processor itself, which performs a basic task that is as a place to store data to perform tasks that have been repeated frequently, so that the processor does not calculate the calculation process again when the task or command is done again. So the larger the cache size of a processor the faster the performance it produces.

Now on Intel Core i9, Intel doubles the amount of cache on each core, but also balances the shared cache or cache that can be used by all cores, as well as an increase in the time it takes the processor to be able to access the cache.

3. 4 Channel DDR4 RAM and Intel Optane Technology.

With this 4 Channel DDR4 RAM technology, users can use RAM up to 128GB. A very large amount of RAM that can be installed on a computer. other than that

Intel Optane technology also has the potential to maximize the performance of your storage, which makes your hard disk performance as fast as you use an SSD.

Lack of Intel Core i9

To be able to have a computer with an Intel Core i9 processor, you certainly won’t be able to if you only buy the processor, other components such as the motherboard, RAM and others must also be purchased.

Now for that you need a very large budget to be able to ask for it. The price of a Core i9 processor is already expensive, plus a new type of motherboard because the Intel X-series processor uses a new socket, the LGA 2066. I don’t imagine how much it would cost to be able to have a computer with this Core i9 processor.

Now that’s a little of my discussion about the Intel Core i9 from the Intel X-Series Variant along with the Pros and Cons. We apologize if there are errors and shortcomings of the article above. Thank you and hope it is useful.

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