Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world, including Indonesia which has millions of members from various types of social media accounts. The initial presence of Instagram was pioneered as an iOS-based application, which was later popularized and raised by Android users.

Instagram history

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that allows users to take photos, take videos, apply digital filters and other networking activities.

The name Instagram comes from the words ‘Instant’ and ‘Telegram’. The word ‘instant’ which underlies the naming ‘insta’ is meant like a polaroid camera which was better known as “instant photo” at the time.

With this meaning Instagram can also display photos instantly, like polaroid in appearance. While the word telegram refers to a tool that works to send information to others quickly.

This is the same as the Instagram function that can upload photos with an Internet connection, so the information you want to convey can be received quickly.

Instagram is a social network that was born from a company called Burbn, Inc. which was established on October 6, 2010. The company was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who are currently the CEO of Instagram.

Both CEOs decided to focus Burbn more on applications that allow users to share photos and videos, comment, and also the ability to like a photo. This application is the forerunner of Instagram. Initially this application can only be enjoyed by iPhone users.

On April 9, 2012, Facebook officially took over Instagram worth almost $ 1 billion in cash and shares. The Instagram logo itself is a polaroid camera depicting an instant photo and video sharing application.

Instagram privileges

If it’s just to take photos and send them in quick time, aren’t there many other social media that offer a similar concept? Well, from that question, Instagram actually has answered it through a series of features of the application. From using filters to optimizing the hashtag to group photo themes.

If you want to prove deeper about the features of Instagram, we can do more from the ins and outs of this application. Basically, social media is actually an application that is very specific to connoisseurs and practitioners of photography. So, from this function can be obtained a number of benefits that can create optimal results.

Features on Instagram

Share Photos and Videos

The most important feature of Instagram is as a place to share photos and videos to other users. Photos that you want to upload can be obtained through the photo album gallery or directly from the Instagram camera’s default camera feature.

users can provide captions and filters on their photos. In addition users can also tag or tag other users involved in the photo.

What’s interesting about Instagram is that users can edit the photos you want to upload with effects or filters that are already available on Instagram. In the initial version, Instagram has 15 photo effects that can be used by users when they want to edit their photos. But now Instagram has more than 15 filters. Comments and Likes

In photos or videos uploaded, other users can leave comments and likes. Instagram has a like feature that functions similar to Facebook, which is a sign that other users like photos that have been uploaded.

The time duration and number of likes for a photo on Instagram can be a special factor that influences the popularity of the photo. The number of followers is also one of the important elements to make a photo famous. When a photo becomes famous, then the photo will automatically enter into its own popular page.


In June 2012, Instagram introduced the Explore feature. Explore on Instagram is a tab within the application that displays popular photos, photos taken at the nearest location, and search.

This tab was then updated in June 2015 to display tags and trending places, curated content, and the ability to search for locations.

In April 2016, Instagram added the “Videos You Might Like” channel to the tab followed by the “Events” channel in August, showing videos of concerts, sports games and other live events,

Instagram Story

In August 2016, Instagram launched Instagram Stories. This feature allows users to take photos and videos, add effects and layers and then add them to their Instagram story flashes.

Content uploaded to Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours. The media noted the similarity of this feature with Snapchat. This feature is further developed by adding the ability to share locations, stickers, and effects from photos and videos uploaded to Instagram Story.

In November, Instagram added live video functionality or Live Video to Instagram Stories, which allows users to broadcast themselves live, with videos disappearing immediately after ending it.


IGTV on Instagram is a vertical video feature that was launched by Instagram in June 2018. Basic functionality is also available in the Instagram application and website. IGTV allows uploads up to 10 minutes long with file sizes up to 650MB.

Verified and popular users are allowed to upload videos up to 60 minutes long with file sizes up to 5.4 GB. This feature automatically starts playing the video immediately after launch.

Promotion media

More and more people are realizing that Instagram is a very powerful promotional tool. The tendency of internet users is more interested in visual language. Well, compared to other social media, Instagram is more maximizing its features for communication through images or photos. When visual language dominates the internet world, that’s where business people can take advantage of opportunities that lay before their eyes.

Promotional styles with Instagram are also very unique and varied. Sometimes, we can enjoy a series of photos that are made aesthetically and are very interesting. Promotion can also be applied, for example by holding a special competition for photography enthusiasts. Armed only with Instagram gadgets and applications, a variety of photo works can be produced and as if the work of professional photographers.

Another very interesting phenomenon from Instagram is how most people are interested in popularizing their accounts. The goal is to get as many followers as possible. This method is actually exactly the same as Twitter which produces lots of celebrities in Indonesia. Similarly, the world of Instagram which gave birth to a number of celebrities with thousands and even millions of followers. When someone already has a lot of followers, he automatically has a reputation that attracts a number of vendors to place advertisements on their Instagram accounts. That is what is referred to as a buzzer that is able to gain a lot of benefits that started from the hobby of posting on Instagram or other social media.

But to create an Instagram account with these goals must have a pretty good communication skills. At least, an account owner is able to produce quality photos with unique packaging styles and character. So it is not haphazard to create an Instagram account and spread spam alias promotion by leaving a trail of comments on any other Instagram account.

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