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Instagram Stories Begin Can Be Inserted Music

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Instagram begins to allow users to insert copyrighted music into their Stories post. The feature has been released gradually for iOS users, while Android users still have to wait their turn.

Inserting music into Stories can be done easily. Users simply record video or capture photos of Stories as usual, then access the sticker selection menu.

when you get this feature, then the menu will appear Music sticker. Select and drag the Music sticker into Stories to use it.

Furthermore, users can choose thousands of songs from renowned musicians, such as Two Lipa, Guns and Roses, Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato or Maroon 5.

Instagram also promised to continue to add this music catalog with new songs every day. The music can be embedded intact, or cut to a certain section to match the Stories theme created.

Currently, only certain countries that have got the background music feature, because the license factor. One of them is the United States.

Instagram is working on getting more licenses and releasing them to different countries.


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