To be able to control Android using other Android devices remotely, the first thing you have to do is make sure that you have installed the Inkwire application on both of these Android devices. Later, this application will be used as a medium to connect the two Android devices so that they can be operated from one of the devices. Following are the steps to control an Android device by using another Android device:

1. After successfully ensuring that Inkwire is installed on both devices, we must also ensure that the Sender device is ready to generate an access code. To do this, open the Inkwire application. And, next, two options will be displayed, namely “Share” and “Access.” Select the Share option on the Sender’s device.

2. Then, the Inkwire application will ask to get microphone and screen access. In the request window, select “Allow / Start now.” After completing these steps, you will see an access code on the Sender device which will later have to be entered on the Receiver’s device. Share the access code with the recipient’s device.

3. After the Recipient’s device gets an access code from the Sender’s device, enter the code in the Inkwire application. To do this, open the Inkwire application and select the “Access” option. Enter the access code that you previously received.

4. After the passcode has been entered, the Android screen of the Sender’s device will automatically change to what is shown on the Receiver’s device screen. The Receiving Device can also perform various navigation on the Sending device’s screen remotely.


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