Indonesia finally entered the era of electric vehicles, with the issuance of the Presidential Regulation which became the legal umbrella regarding the electrification of vehicles including electric cars. Almost all four-wheel brand agent (APM) agents immediately display their electric vehicle models, which are ready to be marketed in Indonesia.

Not to forget Tesla, which can be called a pioneer of electric vehicles. It’s just that, in Indonesia Tesla does not have an official institution and is marketed through the general importer channel (IU). So anyone can market Tesla as long as it can bring directly from the United States.

Prestige Motorcars became IU who was interested in bringing Tesla. This time, Prestige offers Model 3 which is the cheapest electric car owned by Tesla. Model 3 which is present in Indonesia comes in three variants, namely Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. Each is available in five color choices, namely Pearl White Multi Coat, Solid Black, Metallic Silver Midnight, Deep Blue Metallic, & Red Multi Coat.

“This is a new era, the era of electric vehicles that with the price of electric cars that are increasingly affordable and the government’s participation in supporting electric-based vehicles with various incentives,” said Rudy Salim, President Director of Prestige Motorcars in the official broadcast on Sunday (1/9/2019).

Rudy continued, Prestige Motorcars as general importers always maintain a commitment to provide the best experience and service to electric car enthusiasts, today’s Indonesian cars. Price matters, Rudy said, depends on what consumers want to make specifications, because this car is the same as a Ferrari or Lamborghini that can be bought according to the wishes of the buyer.

After presenting the Tesla models S and X, the General Importer (IU) of Prestige luxury cars, plans to launch the Tesla Model 3 to Indonesia. “Later this month Tesla Model 3 will be marketed in Indonesia,” said Prestige Motorcars President Director Rudy Salim, when contacted by Tempo, Friday, August 9, 2019.

This was done to complete the range of electric car products from the United States. Model 3 is the lowest variant of Tesla.

“We certainly diversify our products by introducing the most affordable Tesla variant, the Tesla Model 3 at the end of August,” Rudy said.

So how much is it? Answering that question, Rudy said, the Tesla model 3 model is claimed to be cheaper than the S and X models which are priced at more than Rp 2 billion.

 For example, the size of the rim, the color can be ordered according to the wishes of consumers. That makes the price does not increase. “It is very varied, obviously the price is above Rp 1 billion and the Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest electric car,” Rudy said. Also read: Tesla Model S Becomes a Blue Bird Taxi “We also provide a 2-year warranty service, parts warranty, service and battery guarantee for 8 years for every purchase of a Tesla unit to ensure a sense of security to consumers,” said Rudy.

But Rudy is still reluctant to say exactly what the price of Tesla model 3 for the Indonesian market. “Tesla Model 3 sedan is small. The range remains above Rp. 1 billion but the exact price has not yet come out, how much is still calculated,” he said. “The price range will be far below the Capital S and X.”

In China, the Tesla Model 3 is sold at 328 thousand yuan, equivalent to Rp. 659.3 million.

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